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Join for job-oriented IOT certification training in Bangalore at SMEC Labs Bangalore at SMEC Labs Bangalore.

What is IoT

 IoT stands for Internet of Things and is an ecosystem of physical objects such as computing devices, digital machines, etc. which are accessible through the internet and can transfer data over a network without any human to computer interaction. IIOT is the future of automation.

Why IoT

The IoT technology makes our world connected. It improves human life to a great extent. It helps to make human works easy and less time-consuming.

 It can bring millions of people together in a fraction of a second. The applications of IoT (Internet of Things)extends to all areas of internet connectivity and computing. Smart homes, smart cities, wearable, etc. are some of the trending applications of IoT.

Why IoT Training

Nowadays IoT becomes an indispensable part of human lives but we are not realizing it. The amazing potential of the Internet of Things made it trending. There is a huge demand for professionals who have certification in IoT. IoT training in Bangalore is one of the most sought after courses to step into a successful career opportunity.

Scope of IoT  Training

One who completes the IoT course in Bangalore successfully can expect to be placed in a leading MNC which is actively involved in IoT development and other related technologies. Leading MNCS are looking for expert IOT professionals for high-paying job roles.

How SMEC Bangalore help you

SMEC Bangalore is a leading IoT training institute in Bangalore, Karnataka. Our faculties are industry experts and our syllabus matches the real-world requirements. We are providing placement assistance to all our candidates, who complete the course successfully.


What are the major modules of the IoT Training Program
  • IoT architecture


  • Communication


  • LPWAN Low Power WAN


  • IoT Architecture


  • Design Consideration & IIOT Security


  • MQTT Architecture


  • MQTT Features


  • MQTT Security Concepts


  • MQTT Packet Structure


  • MQTT SN Architecture Features


  • COAP Architecture