Compliance & Suggestions

SMEClabs came into existence in the year 2001 and since then we have made sure to keep our doors open to welcome all kind of criticism and feedback. We value your sincere feedback as we believe it helps us serve you better and make sure that you get the best service. We welcome your valuable feedback so that we can understand our flaws and improve by making suitable changes in our system. Being available in various locations in India and abroad, situation may vary from place to place. Over the years thousands of candidates have enrolled with SMEClabs and we believe that we survived these years by taking special care in meeting their requirements. We would like to thank each one of you, who came forward and shared your response.

Being a skill enhancement organization, we do our best to recruit professionals to give you quality services. And being humans there are chances of human errors as well. But we as a team have developed a mindset to correct ourselves, if you are not satisfied with our services. But only if we know where we went wrong, we could improve our services. So, feel free to let us know your most valued feedback and complaints.

We assure you; your details will be kept confidential. Please click here to share your feedback.

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