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Full Stack Web Development Program makes you proficient in skills to work with back-end and front-end web technologies. Full Stack developer training program is designed to train a student from very basic concepts of programming to advanced concepts. In this course, we will start from the ground up by learning how to implement modern web pages with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We will explore the core design of Angular 2, its components and code organization techniques. You will learn about RESTful web APIs, ASP.NET Web API platform and how to build RESTful application on .NET framework. We will go through SQL and document-based Database.
Full-Stack-Web-Development online training course

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What is Full Stack .NET ?

A Full-stack .NET Developer is an expert who can build and manage all the stacks of an application meaning Front-end, Back-end, database, version control, server, and APIs. This Full Stack Web Development with ASP .Net Training course from SMEClabs focuses on C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Entity Framework Code First, Bootstrap, and HTML5 which are required to build a real-world application with .NET.Full-stack development refers to a client-server architecture model, or, as it’s more commonly known, the frontend and backend. These are different in almost every single aspect. Backend development refers to writing code for the server-side handling data, providing APIs, managing security, deployment, and more. Frontend development refers to writing code for the client-side in our case, web clients running in users’ browsers, working on the user interface, presentation logic, browser compatibility, performance, responsiveness, and more.

This session covers the very important skills required as follows, 

Syllabus for Full Stack Web Development with ASP .Net Training:
  • What is web or w3
  • DNS
  • Request-response model
  • Http basics
  • Browser storage
  • OOP’s Concepts
  • MVC paradigm and Scaffolding
  • Web Services or Web API
  • HTML5 basics – elements, attribute, formatting
  • Adding images, links, list, tables
  • What is CSS
  • Colors and Names in CSS
  • Styling with CSS
  • JavaScript Basics- variable, data types, operators, function
  • Scoping, loops, conditional Execution
  • Modifying DOM with JavaScript
  • Inputs and Events, Ajax calls
  • jQuery Basics
  • Basic Types, Variable Declarations
  • Interfaces, Classes
  • Functions, Generics
  • Iterators and Generators
  • decorators
  • Angular History and Architecture
  • Environment Setup
  • Angular Modules and libraries
  • Templates and data binding
  • Directive and Components
  • Forms
  • Dependency injection and Services
  • Angular routing
  • Introduction and History
  • Environment Setup
  • Hello World! program
  • Variable, primitive data-type, keywords
  • Operator, conditional, ternary operator
  • Array, Struct, Enum
  • Switch, loop
  • Collection- Array List, Sorted List, Stack, Queue, Hash Table
  • Exception- Handling, throw, Custom exception
  • Generic Collection- List, Sorted List, Dictionary
  • LINQ
  • Debugging .NET application
  • Interface
  • Inheritance
  • Composition
  • Dependency Injection
  • IoC Concepts
  • Scaffolding and Hello Web API application
  • Controller, Routing, Filter
  • Configuring Web API
  • Web API for CRUD with dynamic data
  • Parameter binding
  • Serialization/Formatter
  • OWIN and chain of responsibility
  • Identity 2.0
  • N-tier Architecture
  • IoC Implementation
  • UnitOfWork and Repository pattern
  • Exception and Error handling
  • Unit test
  • Database connection and setup
  • Entity Framework
  • ORM, DbContext and Code-first migration
  • Seeding startup data
  • MojoPortal
  • Task runners and bundler: Grunt, Gulp, web pack
  • Website Hosting
  • API Hosting
  • Database hosting
  • The project details are dynamically changed, details available at all SMEC technologies branches

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