A nation’s health has got to do a lot with the water they consume. Precisely, the quality of drinking water, what are their sources, are they delivered well, sewage disposal etc. It also depends on the habitat they live in and do they protect the environment well from being polluted, which includes air, water, soil, waste disposal and management. All together they directly or indirectly affect the health of public. To learn to manage and secure a nation’s health is what Public Health Engineering would teach. Experts in SMEClabs will train you to build a healthy nation.

Public Health Engineering Online Training Syllabus:
      • Introduction & Fundamentals
        Water quality & Sanitaryware
        Plumbing Fixures & LAB
        Fixture Layout LAB
        PHE Calculation
        Internal Plumbing Layout LAB
        Pumps, Tank Selection & Types of Pipes
        External Plumbing
        External Plumbing LAB
        Rain water harvesting & Storm water
        Schedule & Estimate & LAB

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