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SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) has earned the trust of over 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Business enterprises across the world, choose SAP being a highly sought-after technological solution to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their key functions. More than 76 percent of the world’s transaction revenue and $22 trillion of consumer purchases around the world are touched by SAP software systems. Master key elements and gain in-depth knowledge through our custom SAP training programs on SMEClabs in Kanyakumari.

SAP FICO MM PP SD Training in Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu-SMEClabs
Best Live SAP FICO MM SD PP Training in Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu-SMEClabs
Advanced SAP FICO MM SD PP Training|Online Tutorials|Free in Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu|SMEClabs
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Best SAP Training Institute in Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu-SMEClabs
ERP SAP FICO MM SD PP Training Institute in Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu|SMEClabs

SAP FICO MM Training Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu. SAP FICO MM Training include SAP Finance and Controlling (FICO) Materials Management (MM) Sales and Distribution (SD) Production Planning (PP) Introduction to FI/CO, Global Parameters, G/L Concepts, A/R & A/P, Banking, Asset Accounting, Integration, Controlling & Cost Element Accounting, Cost Center Accounting, CO-PA, Internal Orders, Profit Center Accounting, Product Costing and Material Ledger, Real Time Concepts, Foreign Exchange or Multi-Currency, Asset Accounting, Logistics-General Enterprise Structure Master Data – Configuration Purchasing Inventory management Reservation LIV Physical inventory CBP-MRP Batch Management House Banking, GST, Bill of Exchange, Budgeting, and course fee starts from ₹5000. Eligibility, BCA, MCA, BSC, MSC, BBA, MBA Ongoing and Pass out, Special training for experienced and working employees Courses Online free tutorials. Best SAP FICO MM Training Centre in Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu. 

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Advanced SAP FICO with 100% Practical Training in Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu-SMEClabs
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    SAP Syllabus

    • Basic settings
    • General ledger Creation
    • Parking
    • Reversal
    • Delete GL
    • Outstanding Expense and Accrued income clearing
    • AP (Accounts Payable)
    • AR(Accounts Receivable)
    • Vendor Credit Memo and Customer Credit Memo
    • Advance to vendor
    • Advance From Customer
    • House Banking
    • Terms of payment ( Purchase & Sales )
    • Cash journal
    • Bill of Exchange
    • Financial statement
    • APP (Automatic payment program)
    • Asset Accounting
    • Recurring
    • Dunning letter
    • Foreign Exchange or Multi-Currency
    • GST
    • Controlling-Basic configuration
    • Planning
    • FI-CO Real-time integrations
    • Budgeting
    • Internal orders
    • Profit center accounting
    • FICO- Sample Project
    • Introduction to MM
      Enterprise Structure
      Master Data – Configuration
      Inventory management
      Physical inventory
      Batch Management

    Enterprise Structure
    Material Data
    Material Master
    Bill of material
    Production Resource tools
    Trigger Points
    Production Version
    Sales and Operation Planning
    Demand Management
    Master Production Schedule
    Master Requirement Planning
    Long Term Planning
    Capacity Planning
    Discrete Manufacturing
    Repetitive Manufacturing
    Process Industries
    GAP analysis
    Cutover process

    Material master
    Enterprise structure
    Introduction to sd
    Order to cash process
    Partner determination procedure
    For customer master
    Partner determination procedure for sales document header
    Customer master
    Sales documents
    Copy control for sales documents
    Contracts/outline agreements
    Scheduling agreement types
    Quantity contract
    Value contract
    Service contract [or] maintenance contract
    Bill of materials
    Pricing and conditions
    Incompletion log
    Cross selling

    Introduction to Warehouse management
    Organization Data
    Define Warehouse structure
    Master Data
    Posting change notice
    Transfer Order
    Inventory Management
    Put away Strategies
    Picking Strategies
    Warehouse Management Business Scenario
    Warehouse movement types
    Search Strategies
    Physical Inventory
    Batch Management in WM
    User Exists and Standard WM Reports

    Inbound Delivery Processes       
    Execute Inbound Delivery Processes with Value Added Services (VAS).
    Set up Deliveries for Cross Docking.
    Warehouse Task Creation and Strategies for Processes 
    Define Putaway and Picking Strategies.
    Process & Layout Oriented Storage Control (Customizing)           
    Create the Customizing Settings for Process & Layout Oriented Storage Control.              
    Warehouse Process Type and Determination Storage Control    
    Use Storage Control (Process-Oriented and Layout Oriented).  
    Outbound processing   
    Combine Outbound Deliveries using Wave Management. Use Value Added Services and Kitting in Outbound Deliveries               
    Inbound processing       
    Use Slotting to maintain Master Data . Set up Quality Inspection Processes         
    Warehouse Management Monitor/Warehouse Cockpit/RF Framework
    Supervise the warehouse using diferent tools. Create measurement services. Set up the integration with mobile devices in the warehouse.               
    Warehouse Structure and Resource Management          
    Define the Warehouse Structure and set up Resource Management. Create EWM Master Data like Storage Bins, Packaging Specifications, Supply Chain Units, Business Partners.    
    System Integration and CIF        
    Set up System Integration. Create and activate CIF Integration Models.
    Labor Management       
    Set up and use Labor Management.       
    Delivery Document Customizing/Service Profiles             
    Customize Service Profiles and Delivery Documents.      
    Warehouse Order and Warehouse Order Creation Rules              
    Define Warehouse Order Creation Rules.            
    Internal processing        
    Define Physical Inventory Processes. Set up and execute Replenishment.            

    • Prerequisites
      Introduction to SAP HANA
      SAP S/4 HANA
      Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology
      Overview of SAP HANA Cloud Solutions
      Key Innovations of SAP Simple Logistics
      Changes in SAP Simple Logistics Processes
      Industry Specific Solutions for Logistics functions for
      Migration to SAP S/4 HANA
      Management & Operation

    Sap hana foundation
    Deployment strategies
    On –premise
    On –cloud
    Architecture of sap hana
    Replicating data to sap hana
    Business objects data services (bods)
    Sap landscape transformation (slt)
    Sap hana studio interface
    Sap hana reporting overview (bobj)
    Bo ao (analysis office)
    Bo design studio
    Sap fiori & sap netweaver business client
    Sap hana system monitoring & administration
    Dba cockpit
    Dmo (database migration option)
    Sap hana security & authorization
    User management
    Role management
    Advanced features overview
    Sap hana web ide
    Sap predictive analytics on hana
    Sap bw-bpc embedded on hana
    Rapid deployment solutions (rds) for hana
    Sap activate solution manager for sap hana

    Introduction to SAP And ABAP/4 Language

    • ABAP Introduction
    • Overall Introduction to ERP
    • How to Provide ERP
    • Solutions
    • Introduction to SAP
    • Types of Projects in SAP

    SAP Features

    Introduction SAP R/3 Architecture, Introduction To SAP ABAP/4
    SAP Architecture Or Services In SAP
    Or Services In SAP Architecture
    SAP Installations
    How to Install And Configurations
    Versions In SAP
    SAP Certification Exams In India
    SAP Ag Products

    SAP Application Types

    ABAP/4 Editor (Focus On The Functionalities Of New ABAP Editor)
    What Is ABAP Language?
    ABAPers Roles And Responsibilities
    Cross Applications (Advance ABAP)

    Application Server

    ABAP Work Bench
    Transaction Codes
    Modules in SAP ABAP

    ABAP Concepts
    Data Types
    Output Statements
    Writing Small Programs
    Arithmetic Operations
    String Operations
    Control Statements
    Open SQL–Statements (Insert, Modify, Delete, Update).

    SQL Statements in SAP (ABAP)
    Simple Reporting
    Selection Screens
    Transaction Code Creation
    Data Dictionary

    ABAP Processor Functionality (Steps For Creating Table And Adding Fields)
    Transparent Table With Example
    Cluster And Pooled Tables
    Data Class And Types Of Tables
    Database Tables
    How to Create The Tables? And Its Steps
    Data Element
    Search Helps And Lock Objects
    Type Groups
    Table Maintenance Generator And T-Code Creation
    DemFor Relative Between The Tables
    Primary And Foreign Keys.
    Check And Value Tables.
    What Is Structure? How TCreate The Structure
    Debugging Techniques.
    Breakpoint Creation.
    Watch Point Creation.
    Emphasize On The Usage Of New Debugger.
    Internal Tables.
    Control Break Statements.
    Modularization Techniques.
    Function Modules.
    Conversion Exits.
    For All Entries And Joins (Inner And Left Outer).
    Working With Sd Module( Inner Joins)
    Message Class Creation & Message Types And Handling Messages.
    Events For Classical Reports.
    Events For Interactive Reports.
    Hide And Hotspot.
    Creating And Handling Buttons.
    Menu Painter.
    ABAP Oops
    Fundamentals Of Oops.
    Introduction TLocal Classes And Methods
    Importance Of Public, Private And Protected Sections.
    Simple Reporting Using Local Classes And Methods.
    Global Classes And Interfaces.
    Usage Of Global Classes In The Reports.
    Types Of Alv
    Simple Report TDisplay Simple Alv List Using Function Modules
    Simple Report TDisplay Simple Alv Grid Using Function Modules.
    Interactive Alv Reports.
    Adding New Buttons In The Alv Toolbar And Handling Events.
    Working With Alv Using Classes (List, Grid And Tree).
    Usage Of Latest Class Library In Ecc 6.0 For Alv.
    Dialog Programming
    Introduction TScreen Painter And Dialog Programming.
    Flow Logic.
    Screen Designing.
    Programming In Object Browser.
    Field Validations.
    Creation Of
    Normal Screens
    Sub Screens.
    Table Controls.
    Tab Strips.
    Dynamic Screen.
    Call Screen.
    Set Screen.
    Leave TScreen.
    Leave Screen.
    Processing Of List From Transaction And Vice Versa.
    Screen Table And Its Fields.
    Lock Objects.
    Interface Programming
    Why Data Transfers
    Introduction TBdc.
    File Handling.
    Presentation Server.
    Application Server.
    Methods In Bdc.
    Call Transaction.
    Session Method.
    Error Handling In Call Transaction.
    Handling Table Controls In Bdc And Screen Resolutions.
    Mass Updation.
    Vendor Master.
    Customer Master.
    Legacy System Migration Workbench (Lsmw)
    Different Methods.
    Steps TCreate An Lsmw Project.
    Flat File Creation.
    Flat File In SAP ABAP
    Uploading Data.
    SAP Scripts
    Layout Sets.
    SAP Script Elements.
    Modifying Standard Layout Sets (By Using Subroutines).
    Uploading Logo.
    Working With Smart Forms.
    Standard Texts.
    Graphics Management.
    Writing Print Program And Designing Layouts.
    Output Type Configuration TStandard Orders.
    Adobe Forms / Interactive Forms (Pdf)
    Overview On Form Interface And Layout Sets
    Miscellaneous Topics
    SAP System Landscape.
    Correction And Transport System (Cts).
    Transport Organizer.
    Workbench Request.
    Task Creation.
    Merging Requests
    Release Requests.
    SAP Memory.
    Set/Get Parameters.
    ABAP Memory.
    Imports/ Exports.
    Logical Database And Handling Events (Ldb).
    Field Symbols.
    Sd Flow.
    Working With Sd Module( Inner Joins)
    Mm Flow.
    Cross Applications (Advance ABAP)
    Introduction TCa.
    Rfc Destination.
    Working With Rfc Function Modules.
    Concepts Of Idocs.
    Structure Of Idocs And Types.
    Creation Of Segments
    Creation Of Idocs.
    Creation Of Message Types.
    Monitoring Tools Of Idoc Interface.
    Display Idocs.
    Idocs List.
    Defining Logical Systems Used For Ale Interfaces.
    Outbound / Inbound Processing.
    Transferring Of Master Data From One System TAnother System.
    Distribution Modal View.
    Idoc Filtering.
    Segment Filtering Using Filter Objects.
    Reduced Idoc.
    Outbound Using Change Pointers Methods.
    Overview And Architecture.
    Bapi And Business Objects
    Introduction TBapi
    Overview Of Business Objects.
    Step By Step Approach Followed TCreate Bapi.
    Introduction TEnhancements.
    Different Ways Of Doing Enhancements.
    Types Of User Exits.
    Field Exits
    Menu Exit
    Function Exit.
    Screen Exit

    SAP Simple Finance – Basics
    SAP R/3 – Basics
    SAP Hana Finance – Enterprise Structure
    SAP S/4 Hana Finance – Master Data
    SAP Simple Finance – Customization
    Controlling Customization in Simple Finance
    General Ledger Customization in Simple Finance

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