Data Science Master Advanced

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In this century data certainly plays a huge role in everything. A proper collection of data with periodic analysis of it, evaluating them in desired levels using algorithms, seeking answers that would be the route maps to achieve success and the whole process is collectively known as Data Science. Ranging from Banks to Hospitals, Search Engines to Websites, Advertisements to Route planners, gamers to Augmented Reality etc. everyone depends on data science in one way or the other for decision making to take steps that get you one step higher and faster. Python being an open source with libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, SciPy etc makes Python perfect for Data Science. Thus Python is found as one of the most suitable languages for Data Science and SMEClabs gives you a pro level training.

Corporate Training

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CORPORATE TRAINING PROGRAMS CORPORATE TRAINING FOR SERVICES ON INDUSTRIAL CONTROL SYSTEM & IN-PLANT TRAINING Industrial-level Automation Project & Corporate Training Certification SMEClabs proudly boasts of its own automation team with immense knowledge, having over two decades of hands-on industrial experience to advise and support Corporate Training Candidates to elaborate the best control strategy for their […]

Siemens TIA Portal


The Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal Online Training is an engineering framework designed and developed by the Siemens Industry Automation Division for implementing automation solutions across all automation fields in every industry around the globe – quickly and intuitively. This enables the programmers to avoid the traditional costly and time-consuming integration of separate software packages. The Siemens TIA Portal is widely used for designing, commissioning, operating, maintaining and upgrading the automation systems, thereby immensely improving the efficiency of operations while considerably reducing project costs. Through the Siemens TIA Portal Training provided by SMEClabs, learners are introduced to some of the exclusive content offered nowhere else except at Siemens.

Factory Automation

factory automation online training

Factory Automation is the world’s first flexible 3D simulation training provided by SMEClabs in which the simulation of industrial systems is taken to a new level. With state-of-the-art graphics, physics, and dynamic sound, Factory Automation immerses users in a realistic 3D Industrial environment. With this real-time sandbox, users can edit pre-built industrial systems or build new ones. All systems are completely interactive and can be controlled by a wide range of technologies.

On Job Training (OJT) after BE/B-Tech/Diploma

On Job Training (OJT) after BE/B-Tech/Diploma The OJT Program is a specialized training program conducted by SMEC Automation in association with SMEClabs – the research, development & training wing of the company. The OJT program intends to develop young engineers like you into true professionals, through a systematic learning curve, comprising of exposure to almost […]

Bigdata / Data Science / Oracle / Python & Java

Java and Python languages taught right from the basics Introduction to Java Development environments  | Program with Graphical User Interface | Advanced coding techniques. Python Syllabus Advanced Python with Framework Introduction to Python 3 Introduction to Datatypes Programming Concepts Functions & Modules Object Oriented Programming Files and Exception Handling GUI Development using Tkinter Introduction to […]