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Bigdata Apache Hadoop Certification Training

Certification 400+ Hrs Instructor led training Industry-grade Projects Online Practice Labs 24/7 Support Self-Paced Videos Top Skills You Will Learn Data Science using Python,AI & Deep Learning with Python and TensorFlow,AWS – Amazon Web Services,DevOps,Big Data Hadoop Job Opportunities Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Decision Scientist Who is this […]

CCNA Enterprise CCNP MCSA MCSE Microsoft online training courses

What is Networking? To communicate is one of the basic skill that mankind have been practicing since the origin. The only thing that kept changing was the medium used to communicate. We have evolved a lot in ages and now we can effectively communicate with people from anywhere in the world and even outside the […]

Main Engine Pneumatic Control System Training

Main Engine Pneumatic Control System Training

We offer training on Main Engine Remote Control Pneumatic System(MERCS). Which makes Marine Engineer capable of carrying out Fault Rectifications and Repairs.This Training will also help for qualifying various level exams by DG Shipping for Marine Engineers. Training includes theoretical and practical lessons on various aspects of Marine Engine Controls.

Type of Engines :
MAN B&W Engines | Wärtsilä Engines | UE Diesel Engines | Pielstick Engines

Electro engineer Marine Industrial training Level 1 to 3

Electro Engineer online training

In the Marine Industry, the importance of an Electrical Engineer is equivalent to that of a captain. Considering various aspects, the Marine Industry is completely dependent on a secure Electric System which is properly managed throughout the voyage. Not just onshore but also on the offshore the Electro Engineer’s presence is inevitable. The duties and skills are classified into 3 levels. It ranges from basic to advanced and to expert category. Starting from basic electrical designing, to wiring, estimation, costing, safety, testing, etc. are some of the topics covered. A complete Electro Engineer is value with huge respect and with SMEClabs you get to achieve it. Understand thoroughly the subject and be a master in execution.

CCTV Training

CCTV Training

Video Surveillance or CCTV is one of the very important tools used for security purpose and it comes with a variety of options to choose from. Basically they are classified on the type of connectivity used and further they are classified based on their range, clarity, ecosystem, purpose, etc. An infrastructure without CCTV surveillance is very less imaginable in this century. They play a huge role in security and so it takes a lot of skill to install a complete well-functioning system that meets the client requirements. There are also various legal steps to follow while a system is being installed based on the ecosystem. SMEClabs teaches you all that you need to know to be a complete CCTV Technician.

IIoT Industrial Internet of Things Training

iiot online training

IIoT builds the future industries which are capable of multitasking, flexible, and precise. Accessible from anywhere in the world, these industries will be the most efficient among others. Various technologies brought into contact using IIoT has made way to many technical miracles. The future is here and IIoT is just the beginning. SMEClabs has brought together a complete package where you get to experience and ethically use this technology.