Refund Policy

For training related services provided, due to uncertainty if you are forced to discontinue due to personal or official reasons then the following will be applicable:

If the course is being discontinued in less than 5 days of fee payment then reducing the registration amount the remaining will be refunded immediately.

There will be no refund after 5 days of fess payment and the following will be the alternatives in this case:

You can discontinue the course and later (no time limit) re-join for the same course or even for a different course (provided, the copy of fee receipt or admission number taken earlier should be shared for verification).

If joined for a different course and if the fee remains the same then there will be no need of extra payments.

If the course joined later is of higher fee then the remaining fee should be paid at the time of re-joining.

If joined for a course of lesser fee then the remaining amount will not be refunded but can be:

Used to study other course of equivalent amount

Used to study other course of equivalent amount

Donated to a friend (by submitting a formal letter to the management requesting for the same) who:
Can either attended a course for the fee equivalent to the balance amount (where he will not have to pay anything extra)
Attend a course paying the remaining fee after deducting the balance amount.

If the candidate is not interested to attend any course at any point of time then the whole fee can be donated for a friend who is interested to do a course (by submitting a formal letter to the management requesting for the same).

The above mentioned are applicable for partial or full fee paid.

On entering an admission form and self-attesting it states that the candidate has agreed to all these terms and conditions.

In case of corporates, then the amount paid as per the Invoice raised will not be refunded under any circumstances. But can be utilized later for training the same or different candidate in the next 365 days from the date of payment.

We like to keep transparency in our operations and avoid disputes. Wish you a happy learning.

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