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SMEC works with companies like Schneider Electric, Siemens, L&T, ONGC, Apollo, Focus Energy, Cochin ShipYard to name a few of our long-term clients.

Since 2001, SMEC has contributed in developing various businesses across India and worldwide.

Employee Training

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A major challenge that most of the companies come across while taking up a project are

This leads to a 40% of invested amount being used just to build the proper resources to handle the project, while the project itself is yet to begin.

By the time Employee Training the project is about to be completed over a lot of struggle, the budget gets stretched twice, maybe thrice limiting the profits and growth of the company itself. This is not just your story, but most of the companies who take time to grow.

SMEClabs, the R&D and Skill Enhancement Wing of SMEC Automation will help you for Employee Training

overcome this crisis. Now you ask How?

Here is how We do it

Skill Enhancement Programs Offered for Employee Training


The Employee Training is short term and rightly designed to meet the requirements. It can be conducted without affecting the job itself.

The expense for Employee Training is accounted to be less than 5% of the amount invested on an employee as remuneration for a long time on hiring.

The right skills help in generating effective execution and this reflects in quality and efficiency.

The cost of paying consultants or hiring a recruitment team can be avoided as the investment is on an existing team which can be long term returns.

A well planned and executed project that can bring goodwill to the company without compromising and investing a huge amount.

We are looking forward to meeting up and discussing more on how we can work together to build a better future.

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Employee Training
Employee Training
Employee Training
Employee Training

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Employee Training

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