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AWS Course Amazon Web Service is, Inc’s cloud computing platform. They provide a wide range of paid services, where Amazon allows clients (ranging from individuals to governments) to store, analyze, secure, share, transfer and compute data, all in their cloud storage. Data can vary from Websites to Applications and its importance can power up to highly confidential and so master level skills are very important when one works with Amazon Web Service. AWS also has unique features like EC2 (Elastic Complete Cloud) which is a cluster of virtual computers that the user can access from anywhere and at any time using an internet. SMEClabs offers you a complete training to be a master in AWS.
AWS Course

Key Highlights

Amazon Web Services course are classified into:

Syllabus for AWS Course


  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud deployment and service models
  • AWS Global Infrastructure and its benefits
  • AWS Services
  • Ways to access AWS Services


  • User management through Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Various access policies across AWS Services
  • API keys service access
  • Best practices for IAM
  • Key Management Service
  • Access billing and create alerts on billing
  • Start, stop and terminate an EC2 Instance
  • Security Group
  • AMI
  • VPC, ENI, Public and Private IP
  • Storage services
  • EBS and its types
  • EFS
  • Cost optimization
  • VPC – Benefits and Components
  • CIDR Notations
  • Network Access Control List v/s Security Groups
  • NAT – Network Address Translation
  • VPC peering
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • Trusted Advisor
  • AWS Simple Email Service (SES)
  • AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • AWS Simple Work Flow (SWF)
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS holds 69% of the global market share in the cloud computing market. Some of the prominent companies who use AWS as their backbone are Kelloggs, Netflix, Adobe, Airbnb and General Electric. Irrespective of the size of an organization, everyone has started to adopt the cloud services in one way or the other, and AWS is the major player among the Cloud services industry.
  • AWS is leading the pack in terms of Cloud computing. They have been serving well in almost every aspect whether you are a web developer, database or system admin, Big data analyst, IoT developer etc. This AWS Architect Certification Training will help you to become AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Furthermore, you can also choose a career path aimed for AWS Solutions Architect, AWS Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Architect etc.
  • There are no specific prerequisites to enroll in the AWS Architect Certification course. Any candidate having basic knowledge of computers and programming can attend this training. Having prior working experience with AWS Services is recommended but not mandatory.

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AWS Course

AWS – Amazon Web Server

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AWS Course Amazon Web Services

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AWS Course Amazon Web Services

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