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become an instructor

Become an Instructor

Are you passionate about teaching – to inspire and to make a difference in the lives of the others around you in your own way? Combine your passion for teaching with your knowledge and expertise to create an impact that drives people to growth – both for you and for them.


At SMEClabs, we are driven to drive people en route to their career success. We welcome you to be a part of our mission in imparting technical know-how to those who seek to stand out in their career.


If our motive inspires you, hop on board to be the next difference-maker. Become a SMEClabs Instructor.


SMEClabs Instructors are motivated to teach and possess a track record of delivering engaging learning. They are committed to excellence so that students learn the industry-demanded skills and get them right. Being organized and detailed in their work, the efforts of our instructors enable students to get the information they need when they need it.


By becoming a SMEClabs Instructor, you are not only sharing your knowledge with the students, but also transforming their lives for the better.


To meet the growing demand for our training programs, we are expanding our instructor force.

Why SMEClabs?

Behind every SMEClabs course are the passionate professionals who built it. Their utmost sincerity and dedication in preparing the course materials from scratch through extensive research and in-depth analysis paved way to a knowledge-rich content comprising of contributions from top industry professionals and industry-experienced experts.

Who all will access my course?

If you are genuinely interested to be a difference-maker by joining SMEClabs as an Instructor, we welcome you whole-heartedly. Fill up the form at the end of this page with relevant details along with a good quality video of 10 to 15 minutes length demonstrating your teaching skill in the topic of your expertise and submit it. This gives you an opportunity to showcase us your stuff and get a feel of what it is to work with us. Additionally, it would also give us an opportunity to witness you in action and understand how you work.

How will I get paid for my work?

At SMEClabs, we understand the value of your time and effort because of which we offer fair and flexible compensation for your contribution. Our revenue sharing system is based on student course registration. Each time a student enrols to your course, you earn a certain % of the course fee as royalty. The exact % would be discussed once you are selected to be a SMEClabs Instructor.

What are the prerequisites for creating a course?

Our primary requirement is that your course content must be genuine and original. It should cover the topic of your choice in a clear and concise manner. The flow of ideas expressed in your course must be consistent and logical so that students do not find it difficult to take in. Moreover, the video quality should necessarily be 1080 x 1920 and in .mp4 format, with good audio quality free from any environmental echo.

What help can I expect from SMEC regarding course creation?

At SMEClabs, we are invested in making your course a success. One of our Curriculum Managers will work closely with you to determine the topics and scope of your course, and then assist you in crafting a detailed outline for the content. Once the vision for your course is clear, we will partner you with one of our coordinators who will aid you to see your course to a completion. The Coordinator will provide in-depth feedback to your course material as the Coordinator acts as a sounding board for relevant ideas apart from acting as an advocate for your student learners. Finally, once your course launches on our platform, you will have anonymized information on how students are engaging with your course material apart from the total number of students enrolled for your course.

Become an Instructor Freelance Trainer - SMEClabs
Become Instructor

Become an Instructor - Freelancer | Contract | Teach Online, SMEClabs how to become an instructor online with SMEClabs.

Salary: 25000-80000

Salary Currency: INR

Payroll: MONTH

Date Posted: 2021-11-30

Posting Expiry Date: 2022-12-31


Hiring Organization : SMEClabs

Organization URL:

Organization Logo:


Location: PostalAddress, Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala, 682017, India

Experience Required: 24 Months