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PHP Course with Top MVC

PHP course with MVC from SMEC Technologies will make you a certified PHP & MySQL Professional. PHP is a scripting language for servers, throughout the year this language has gained a lot of popularity. Mostly PHP is to do the back end but it can also be used to do the front end too. This course will make you capable to code for the server side. Learn how to develop web applications with the help of PHP and HTML. PHP can also be used with several platforms and all these features make PHP really useful for web development.
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php course

PHP Courses

PHP Fullstack Course

Course Code - SLS - 1602 | Difficulty - Beginner / No experience | Eligibility - Any Degree, Diploma, Graduates | Mode - Online / Offline / OnDemand / Hybrid | Duration - 270 Hours
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PHP with MVC Framework

Course Code - SLS - 1729 | Difficulty - Beginner / No experience | Eligibility - Any Degree, Diploma, Graduates | Mode - Online / Offline / OnDemand / Hybrid | Duration - 270 Hours
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PHP Course with MVC
PHP Mysql with MVC online training

About The Course

SMEClabs’s PHP & MySQL with MVC framework will enlighten the candidates regarding web development with the help of the PHP frameworks. This course will allow you to develop powerful websites with the help of MySQL and also by using the MVC and CakePHP frameworks. This course will turn you into a modern web developer because PHP is considered the modern web development language. Learn everything regarding the PHP functions and variables.

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What will you learn?

Top 5 Jobs that Use PHP

PHP Mysql with MVC online training

Course Objectives

Be able to utilize the PHP database records and also learn how to integrate PHP with MySQL. MySQL and PHP scripting is considered the major open-source method to create websites. By using the MVC framework we can develop really interactive, dynamic, advanced, and powerful websites. These developed websites are really easy to handle or in other words, it has less maintenance. The PHP programming language is platform- independent. The advantage of this is that the website which is developed in one platform can be used with other platforms’ web servers with small changes. Website security can be improved while developing the website with the CakePHP MVC framework.

PHP Courses Syllabus

PHP Fullstack Course

  • Web development Skills
  • Core php7
  • Php with ajax integration
  • Web service
  • Web Api
  • Frame work (Codelgniter,LARAVAL
  • CMS
  • SEO
  • Indroduction to Selenium IDE
  • Basics of webdesign
  • Indroduction to php7
  • Php Arrays and Strings
  • Php Oops concepts
  • Php control statement and Loop
  • Php File Handling
  • Php Forms
  • Php File Upload and Download
  • Php State Management
  • Php Mail
  • Php Mysql and Mysqli database
  • Php with Ajax
  • Php Web Service using JSON
  • Php API Integration
  • WordPress Introduction
  • Codelgniter Overview
  • Codelgniter Configuration
  • Codelgniter Database
  • Web Hosting
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Web Driver
  • On Page SEO
  • Cookie
  • Connecting to Database

PHP with MVC Framework

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • PHP Basics
  • Control statements
  • PHP Functions
  • PHP Arrays
  • PHP Strings
  • PHP Advanced
  • AJAX
  • Codeigniter Framework
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Advanced
  • Laravel
  • Installation on Windows
  • Laravel Routing
  • Laravel Controllers
  • Laravel Views
  • Laravel Blade Template
  • Laravel Migration
  • Laravel Database

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PHP is an extensively used general-purpose, open-source programming language, which is ideal to web development and can be integrated into HTML.

PHP is an underlying scripting language employed to make websites more interactive, dynamic and to add features to websites. It can also be employed to design the web applications’ server-side and to encrypt data files, manage access to users, etc.

The PHP Programming course will give you a thorough understanding about PHP scripting. Additionally, you will learn about various topics that are essential to know like the control structure PHP arrays, expression functions, functions, and many other topics that will allow you to become proficient with PHP programming.

People who have the abilities and know-how required to write scripts using the PHP language are promoted to higher positions in organizations and earn higher than the average professional in computer programming.

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