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Php course with MVC Become a SMEC Technologies certified PHP & MySQL Professional. The course designed to make you an expert in using PHP & MySQL and learn all that is required to create real-world web applications with PHP & MySQL and also we cover MVC Frameworks Codeigniter and laravel , CMS Frameworks WordPress and Joomla for Rapid web development.

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PHP Mysql with MVC online training

About The Course

SMEClabs’s PHP & MySQL with MVC framework will introduce attendees to PHP, MySQL, and CakePHP MVC framework. The course will cover aspects of how to use PHP, MySQL along with CakePHP MVC framework to create powerful and easy to maintain database-driven websites.

The best PHP Mysql with MVC online course will also cover the Installation & Configuration of PHP, MySQL, and CakePHP. Attendees will also get to implement one project towards the end of the course.

What will you learn?

PHP with MVC Framework

Course Code - SLS - 1602 | Difficulty - Beginner / No experience | Eligibility - Any Degree, Diploma, Graduates | Mode - Online / Offline / OnDemand / Hybrid | Duration - 270 Hours
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PHP Mysql with MVC online training

Course Objectives

PHP scripting and MySQL database are one of the worlds most popular open source techniques used to develop websites. Add an advantage of a MVC framework to it and you can develop powerful, dynamic and easy to maintain database driven websites. PHP, MySQL and CakePHP are also platform independent i.e. You can easily port a website developed on a windows machine to a Linux based apache web server with minimal to no changes. The CakePHP MVC architect also adds  some additional security against threats like SQL injections, hacking etc.

PHP Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML fonts Styles, Links, Images
  • Tables
  • Static V/S Dynamic Websites
  • HTML attributes, Headings,
  • Paragraphs, Formatting
  • Lists, Colors
  • Forms
  • Links on a same page, Tags
  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Id & Class Styling Backgrounds Fonts,
  • Links, CSS Border Margin, Cell padding.
  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Id & Class Styling Backgrounds Fonts,
  • Links
  • CSS Border Margin
  • Cell padding
  • JS Introduction
  • JS client Validations (Null and Password Validations)
  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Looping Statements
  • Functions
  • Events
  • Dialog Box
  • Regular Expressions
  • Form Manipulations
  • JQUERY library
  • JQUERY Introduction
  • JQUERY effects
  • Images and Forms
  • JQUERY Ajax
  • JQUERY Events
  • Get and Set CSS
  • Add and Remove Elements
  • Selectors
  • Animation
  • PHP Basics

    • PHP installation and Introduction
    • Object Oriented Concepts
    • Variables and Constants
    • PHP echo, print
    • PHP Comments
    • Data types, Operators

    Control statements

    • if else,
    • switch
    • for loop, while loop, do while loop
    • break

    PHP Functions

    • Parameterized function
    • Call by value
    • Call by reference
    • Variable arguments
    • Recursive function

    PHP Arrays

    • Indexed array
    • Associative array
    • Multidimensional array

    PHP Strings

    • PHP String
    • String Functions

    PHP Advanced

    • PHP Email Function
    • Include, Require
    • Date & Time, Image Uploading
    • File handling in PHP
    • File open/read
    • File create/write
    • File upload
    • Cookies
    • Sessions
    • Errors handling in PHP
    • Exceptions

    Mini project

  • MYSQL Connect
  • MYSQL Create DB
  • MYSQL Create tables, fields
  • MYSQL Alter table
  • MYSQL Insert, Update, Delete, Select
  • MYSQL Order by, Group by
  • MYSQL Joins, Union
  • MYSQL Aggregate functions
  • MYSQL Conditions
  • MYSQL Import and Export Database
  • Ajax Introduction
  • XML HTTP Request
  • Ajax Request
  • Ajax Response
  • Ajax PHP
  • Ajax Database
  • Config Class, Database Config
  • Explanation of MVC Architecture
  • Loader Class, Libraries
  • Creating Static Pages
  • Creating First Controller, Model & View
  • CodeIgniter URLs, URI Routing
  • Input Class, Form Validation Class
  • File Uploading
  • Page Redirection
  • Database Configuration
  • Connecting to a Database
  • Running Queries
  • Generating Query Results
  • Selecting Data
  • Inserting Data
  • Updating Data
  • Deleting Data
  • Introduction to PHP Framework
  • Introduction to Laravel
  • Laravel Installation
  • Routing in Laravel
  • MVC in Laravel
  • Caching in Laravel
  • Event subscribers in Laravel
  • Package Development
  • Templates
  • Creating an Application
  • Testing in Laravel
  • Database Configuration
  • Helpers in Laravel
  • Laravel Pagination
  • Laravel Security
  • Authentication Façade
  • Validation in Laravel
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Artisan Command Line Interface
  • Deploy Application using Laravel
    • WordPress introduction
    • Installing WordPress
    • WP Dashboard
    • Create WP Site
    • WP Post
    • WP Pages
    • WP Comments
    • WP Categories
    • WP Tags
    • WP Link
    • WP Appearance
    • WP Users
    WordPress Themes
    • Install WP themes
    • Download WP themes
    WordPress Plugins
    • Install WP Plugins
    WordPress Advanced
    • Update WordPress
    • Backup WordPress
    • Improve Security
    • Reset Password
  • JOOMLA Basics
    • Installation
    • Architecture
    • Control Panel
    • Toolbar
    • Menus Menu
    • Content Menu
    • Components Menu
    • Extensions Menu
    • Help Menu
    JOOMLA Menus
    • Create Menus
    • Adding Menu items
    • Modify Menu items
    • Creating Sub menus
    JOOMLA Modules
    • Create Module
    • Breadcrumb Module
    • Freed Display Module
    • Footer Module
    • Latest News Module
    • Search Module
    JOOMLA Global Settings
    • System Settings
    • Media Settings
    • Language Manager
    • Private Messages
    • Cache Management
    • Users Setting
    • Debug
    JOOMLA Advanced
    • Template Manager
    • Customize Template
    • Adding Template
    • Creating Template
    • Customize Logo
    • Category Management
    • Adding Content
    • Formatting Content
    • Article Metadata
    • Adding Banners
    • Adding Contacts
    • Adding News Feed
    • Adding Forum
    • Adding Web Links
    • Plugin Manager
    • Extensions Manager

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PHP Course with MVC

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PHP is an extensively used general-purpose, open-source programming language, which is ideal to web development and can be integrated into HTML.

PHP is an underlying scripting language employed to make websites more interactive, dynamic and to add features to websites. It can also be employed to design the web applications’ server-side and to encrypt data files, manage access to users, etc.

The PHP Programming course will give you a thorough understanding about PHP scripting. Additionally, you will learn about various topics that are essential to know like the control structure PHP arrays, expression functions, functions, and many other topics that will allow you to become proficient with PHP programming.

People who have the abilities and know-how required to write scripts using the PHP language are promoted to higher positions in organizations and earn higher than the average professional in computer programming.

Yes We have experts in subject areas that will meet your business’ specifications.

Our highly skilled in-house or corporate delivery staff is constantly working in order to train our customers who want to enjoy the ease and convenience of learning in their familiar environment.

SMEClabs provides training on more than 100 topics. We invite you to contact us if cannot locate your desired course on the list of courses above.

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PHP Course with MVC

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