SCR House Systems Spares Services

SMEC has been instrumental in giving support for new built/retrofit/replacement of SCR House/SCR System for various customers in Oil & gas sectors. Our acquired technical expertise and extended & solution specific manufacturing facilities are used in providing complete turnkey SCR packages and solutions for drilling rigs and platforms. State-of-the-art control systems developed by us are based on the established and well proven technology and designs with respect to modern hybrid / digital technology SCR House Systems Spares Services. SCR House Services in India, UAE, Africa, Dubai.

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SCR House

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Modern drilling practices often demand additional mud pumping capacity which was not envisioned in older systems. SMEC invigorates existing rig by designing and engineering an additional mini-console for a third Mud Pump as capacity addition. Added features amounts as enumerated.
SMEC can undertake system re-engineering, system revitalisation and re-design projects which is intended to preserve your initial investment and ensures the continued reliability and relevance of your existing controls and equipment.

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Each Drilling Rig – offshore or land-based – may have a strength control Room (PCR) on it – occasionally additionally called an SCR (standing for Silicon managed Rectifier) gadget, with a view to form the purposeful coronary heart of the strength manipulate of the drilling operations. commonly, the PCR or SCR can be a metallic room approximately the dimensions of a forty foot container, internal of so that you can be some of Motor control Centres, Engine & Generator Controls, SCR control cubicles, and other units and systems used for drilling purposes.

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SCR House Systems Spares Services in India, UAE, Africa
SCR House Systems Spares Services

SCR House Systems Spares Services in India, UAE, Africa. SCR Retrofit replacement new build turnkey solutions for Drilling Rigs platforms Oil & Gas

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