Electrical QA QC Course Training

The electrical QA/QC course from SMEClabs will make you a competent professional in the electrical sector. Quality control and quality analysis play a major role in the electrical sector. Electrical QA/QC is required in the Electrical and Electronics sector, Instrumentation sector, Automation sector, and also in many other industrial fields. There are several opportunities for Electrical QA/QC all around the world. The electrical sector is an industrial field in which the opportunities are high. In case there is any minor variation then it could lead to several damages and sometimes it could cost lives too. Electrical installation should be done by considering several government standards and we will train you in all of this. Quality control is the process of maintaining the quality during the installation. All these installed equipment must be maintained and serviced throughout its operation and it is called quality assurance.
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Electrical QA QC Course
Electrical QA QC Course Training

Electrical QA QC Course Training Syllabus

  • Duties and responsibilities of a QA/QC Engineer(Project & Corporate).
  • Brief description about the type of jobs available for a QA/QC Electrical engineer
  • Electrical QC General Requirements
  • Electrical QC Plan and applicable Codes, specifications
  • About the standard in industries(IS,ISO,IEC,IEEE, NFPA, NEMA, NEC, ANSI,CPWD).
  • Brief discriprion about Electricity power generation, transmission and distribution, and transmission of power to the consumers .
  • Introduction to various types of industries like manufacturing, power plants, construction etc
  • Revision of electrical system basics.
  • Overview of MCB types, RCCB, RCBO etc
  • Types of Distribution Board,Cables,wires, breakers etc
  • Concept of Total connected Load, maximum demand.
  • Cable sizing, breaker sizing.
  • Transformer, Generator , UPS selection basis for design review purpose.
  • Various electrical panel designing methodologies.
  • Design documentation requirements
  • Review of consultant design electrical basis
  • Preparation of design review reports for projects.
  • Electrical Contract Review
  • Power Distribution Review
  • Lighting System Review
  • Checking of electrical drawings.
  • Review reports of electrical equipment’s, and plant.
  • Preparation of Electrical design review checklist
  • Preparation of Electrical drawing checklist
  • Communication and Data Processing
  • Life Safety and Security Systems
  • Grounding Systems
  • Electrical System Technical Specification
  • Tool, Equipment & calibration Testing
  • Electrical Construction Management
  • Reading/checking of various types of electrical equipment.
  • Brief description of electrical design calculations/various design methodologies.
  • Planning of electrical installation.
  • Site aspects and standards for electrical power distribution – wiring, light fitting, conduiting and DB wiring.
  • Wiring installation and checking methodologies in domestic, industrial, and hospital projects.
  • Conduit installation and checking methodologies in domestic , industrial and hospital projects
  • DB, switch board installation and checking procedures.
  • Site aspects and standards for Cable management system, HT and LT panels etc
  • Installation and checking methodologies for transformers, Generators, and UPS.
  • Installation and checking methodologies for Lightning and earthing protection.
  • Outdoor electrical panels, cable routing.
  • Fixing of Street lights, Flood lights, and various exterior lighting options, etc.
  • Outdoor substation.
  • Solar street lights.
  • Electrical bill of quantity and Estimate review.
  • Preparation of Rate analysis statement for various electrical items.
  • Checking of GA drawings, and various shop drawings.
  • Preparation of Bill of materials for Residential, commercial, and industrial projects.
  • Preparation of Revised estimate,comparative charts, LMR estimate.
  • Documentation of Invoices, quotations, etc
  • Method documentation of comments, coordination, and responses.
  • Organizing and coordinating site meetings and their implemention.
  • Preparation of MOM.
  • General idea about Plumbing, HVAC, and fire fighting works for site-level coordination and implementation.
  • Energy conservation procedures.
  • Energy auditing methodologies.
  • Maintenance and safety procedures.
  • Safety ,testing and installation of electrical equipments.
  • Preparation of Inspection Checklist for the following
  1. Wires
  2. Conduit
  3. Lighting
  4. Cables
  5. Distribution Board
  6. Bus duct
  7. Electrical Panels
  8. Earthing
  9. Lightning protection system
  10. Generator
  11. Transformer…etc
  • Electrical safety checklist.
  • Preparation Inspection and Test plan(ITP) of Wiring,Distribution board, Earthing etc.
  • Preparation of method statement.
  • Electrical QA QC Documents and Records.
  • Purchasing and expediting
  • Insulation resistance test, Polarity test, Earth continuity test etc
  • Inspect, test or measure equipment and materials
  • Various measuring instruments
  • Loop checking, wiring continuity and color coding, start-up, and troubleshooting Inspection.
  • Generator synchronization, VFD, and AMF panel wiring-load testing.
  • Panel building. Experience knowledge of motor, pneumatic, servo, robotics, sensors, machine installation & commissioning and
  • Internal and external project audit
  • Audit scheduling, Planning, reporting, and follow up.
  • Auto Cad software training.
  1. Drafting Setting & Drawing Tools
  2. Modification Tools,Arrays, 2D Drafting.
  3. Properties Panel & Layers, Annotation Panel.
  4. Blocks, Block Editing, Attributes.
  5. Advanced Tools, Tools Palettes , Plot & Print.
  6. Project, Isometry).

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Quality management is the process of controlling, ensuring, and improving quality; both in business operations and also in productivity. The Electrical QA QC Certification courses from SMEClabs are designed to help you to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to enhance your quality management skills and also to make an impact that you have within your organization. Each course from SMEClabs is delivered by highly qualified tutors who are practitioners in the field and they will bring their own practical experiences and wealth of knowledge into the classroom. In Electrical systems, there is a huge difference in power supply based on the load consumption and also it is for the purpose of safety and control, there are protection devices, cables, switches, junction boxes, insulations, etc. that are of different standards which satisfy the needs as per the supply and load. It is important to understand that loads vary from lighting, fans, and all the way to heavy machinery. Similarly, services provided vary from home to industry and so do the method of wiring and standard of materials used to vary accordingly. Be a complete Electrical QC Engineer with SMEClabs.

Electrical QA QC Course Training
Electrical QA QC Course Training
Electrical QA QC Course Training

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SMEClabs is the best Institute that trains you Electrical QA QC Course

Electrical QA/QC is required to ensure the quality of the equipment and its operation throughout the entire process.
Each and every electrical installation requires quality checking and quality control, so choosing a career in electrical QA/QC will secure your career.

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Electrical QA QC Course Training
Electrical QA QC Course Training
Electrical QA QC Course Training
Electrical QA QC Course Training
Electrical QA QC Course Training