Vessel Performance Monitoring System


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vessel performance monitoring
Vessel Performance Monitoring

We are pleased to introduce SMEC as a Complete Shipboard Electro Engineering Design and Development company, presently with local presence in various ports in India, UAE, and Singapore. We provide global life cycle support for our products at unbeatable costs.

Features - Vessel Performance Monitoring

Now a day more and more owners, operators, and charterers are “digitizing” their shipping operations in order to become more efficient & competitive. so we introducing SMEC Smart DCU.SMEC smart system is dedicated to delivering solutions for cost-effective fleet performance management, Data transfer to shore server, reporting, safety alarms, etc. Vessel performance data are automatically collected onboard as your advance.SMEC solution interfaces with systems and sensors. Panel displays and onboard computers can be used to present key trending information.

The SMEC DCU collects data from an Analogue interface unit, installed in the engine room, and an NMEA serial interface taking feeds from the Bridge. The parameters are all displayed graphically on a 15″ touchscreen monitor available panel mount. Satellite communications are used to automatically relay the vessel’s performance data ashore while also updating the onboard system.

smec smart system

SMEC web-based the platform provides easy and intuitive access to manage and analyze vessel and fleet performance. The data sent ashore are checked on a daily basis, by SMEC DCU /SERVER, for any anomalies or signs of sensor problems. We will provide custom-made data protocol, such as shaft power, shaft rotational speed, draught and log speed. Data are collected frequently and sent ashore.

SMEC Smart Vessel Performance system is a secure ship-to-Server that provides you with the full range of data you need to monitor your fleet performance, optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions from the office. The vessel’s performance by analysis, benchmarking and visualization of performance trends. With department re­ ports provided we will help you to simplify your work Optimizes fleet by comparing vessel performance Shows a clear view of speed and consumption View statistics See accumulated and average figures for selected time window Tailor-made reports highlighting valuable information Tool for analysis and planning of economic operation. Extensive filtering possibilities Economic speed Planning tool for optimizing speed based on charter and trade Trim optimization Find optimum trim for different draft conditions based on real data from vessel


Add-on Conning monitoring display (All information on one screen)

SMEC Conning Display provides the information required for safe navigation and maneuvering from one central location. SMEC Conning Display is a screen based information system and is available for any type of vessel. The data is presented in clear and efficient format, minimizing human errors.SMEC Conning Display is designed according to NAUT – OSV requirements for Conning Display.

The design of SMEC Conning Display is configurable and can be set according to the owner’s choice and preferences.