Electrical Consultants

SMEC is a full-service “A” grade industrial & commercial electrical contractor and Engineers that provides Best class electrical systems capable of reliable, robust, and heavy-duty operations and 24×7 rapid service support with over 22 years of expertise.

We deliver a full range of services in the fields of electrical design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance. SMEC offers a wide range of HT & LT electrical installation for skyscrapers, renovation and up-gradation of Electrical Systems for commercial complexes, industries and so on. All installation works are assured to meet up the supreme standards and are crafted to last.

Electrical Consultants

Electrical Consultants

With a team of experienced and skilled highly technically qualified electrical professionals, we pull off all the electrical allied activities on the site including labour management in accordance with the all electrical statutory and preventative maintenance procedures & schedules under the law. Our dedicated workforce focuses on the electrical safety of all onsite maintenance work encompassing employees, contractors, assets and systems including all Isolation, safe access passive and active systems. Our effectiveness as an industrial electrical contractor is due to our thorough consultation and by keenly quoting processes according to customer requirements.. By utilizing our elite team of specialized electrical engineers and electricians, we ensure that all factors are considered prior to commencement of work. Our preparation and attention to detail are what sets us apart.

Electrical installation requires a team of uniquely qualified engineers. SMEC Our hands on experienced Professional Engineers have the specialized knowledge and expertise to handle even the most challenging design-build installations. “Best No1 Electrical Consultants contractors in Kerala Kochi, Calicut, India, Chennai. 100% authorized service with international accreditation.”

Our design/build team will construct a budget-conscious plan to save clients and partners valuable project time without compromising quality. Each of our engineers contributes to our projects, developing and examining plans, offering opinions, implementing cost-saving measures, and applying alternatives in technology. Our engineer’s standard helps to decrease clients’ downtime by increasing both responsiveness and professionalism.

We provide dedicated aftercare and maintenance services, delivering responsive and reliable support all year round, giving you peace of mind should anything go wrong. All of our aftercare engineers are manufacturer trained and hold all of the required accreditations to undertake the maintenance, repairs and servicing of electrical systems installed by SMEC.

The rapid response to the complaints and a 24×7 response team will make sure that any type of technical errors will not cost you any valuable hours.