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PLC Programming is the basic of all Automation based operations. Programs are those ideas turned into logics for controllers to understand how they must behave based on situations and conditions. One should a complete understanding of how the field devices respond, so as to program accordingly. At SMEC we train from the basics and develop skills to perfection. There are various levels of exercises conducted to develop such skills based on the respective training program. PLC Programming Services in India UAE Marine Industrial in all major brands like Schneider Electric siemens ab abb etc plc programming courses.
PLC Programming

SMEC is also widely known for the services provided as an EPC contractor. Automation being one of the key specializations apart from Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic & Pneumatics; SMEC is capable of handling any scope of job. Having experts who are capable of handling PLC Configuration, PLC Programming, PLC Redundancy, Panel Building, Commissioning, Service and Maintenance; SMEC handles various major projects in 5 major continents.

The programming quality is highly maintained under various testing levels and the process of Automation begins from site inspection and a thorough understanding of the process. SMEC’s team takes periodical feedback from the clients to maintain client satisfaction.

SMEC also provides training for the Engineers and Operators on the installed machineries and also give higher end training on existing systems as well. Corporate training and On Job Training is another special program designed specifically to meet client’s requirements. Our expert Engineers will train such programs. The training could be in the latest technical advancements and also how to implement them on the respective industry.

Explore the depths of skill enhancement in length and breadth where one gets to experience the ultimate training experience to mould the professional in you.


Introduction in Industrial Automation Training

Logix pro

Basic Programs

Compare Blocks

Move Blocks (MOV, MVI)

Math Blocks (ADD, SUB, DIV, MUL)

One Shot Raising – OSR

One shot Falling – OSF

FIFO – First In First Out

LIFO – Last In First Out

Sequencers (SQL, SQO, SQC)

Bit Shift Left – BSL

Bit Shift Right – BSR

Jump – Label


Introduction to SCADA

Creating New Projects

Digital Tags

Objects & Symbols


Analog Tags

Tag Properties

Animating Objects (Filling, Moving, Visibility, etc.)

Real-time Trends

Historical Trends

Alarm Summary

Alarm History

Alarm Grouping

Page Navigation

Tag Grouping



Excel Communication

Introduction to VFD

Construction and Working

Setting Basic Parameters

Setting Control Options

Setting I/O, Speeds, Breaking


Introduction – DCS

DCS Hardware/Architecture

I/O Module Configuration

Controller Configuration

Controller Module Configuration


Basic I/O

Logic Gates




Basic Introduction





Communication methods, Different modes

Communication Configuration with Hardware and Software

Communication Protocol concepts

Interfacing concepts

Data sharing with controller & SCADA

Data sharing with controller & HMI

Data sharing with controller & Field Devices

Interfacing SCADA With Field Devices

Communication with MODBUS, PROFINET Protocols

PLC to PLC Communication with Master Slave Concept

PLC – LabVIEW Interfacing

PLC-SCADA-VFD-Mobile controlling

PLC -DCS Controlling

PLC to PAC Communication with Master Slave Concept

Addressing codes : Digital, Analog , String types

Controlling PLC from remote area

Communication cable desiging and details

Programming cable and communication cable details

MCC Panel

Introduction to AC Motors

Introduction to MCC Panel (Motor Control Centre)

Starting, Controlling and Protection of Motor

Starters – DOL Starter, Star – Delta Starter

MCC Panel Wiring


ISPW (Industrial Standard Panel Wiring)

PLC Wiring

Panel Designing

VFD-PAC Communication

Introduction to P & FI




Basic Instrumentation Parameters & Variables

Level Measurement

Temperature Measurement

Flow Measurement

Pressure Measurement

PLC Programming


PLC Programming

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PLC Programming Courses

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PLC Programming Outsourcing

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PLC Courses Programming Best Top 25 Brands - SMEClabs
PLC Programming

PLC Courses PLC Programming in all major brands like Schneider Electric siemens ab abb etc, plc online courses and real-time practical courses

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PLC Programming
PLC Programming
PLC Programming
PLC Programming
PLC Programming