Power System Design Course

Power System Design Course – Training at SMEClabs was created from strong roots of decades of experience and expertise in the field. We have created an online course for students and professionals looking to develop their skills in power and electrical using the fundamentals of effective training integrated with the efficiency of an online training platform. It would be an understatement to say that SMEClabs provides the best online Power and electrical systems training in india. The course is designed and crafted with the ultimate goal of skill development and employment. Our top tier training curriculum explores Instrumentation, computer programming, electrical wiring and circuitry, telecommunications and other such fields.

power system design course

About this Course

The Power System Engineering Training course will help you to understand the basic concepts of power system engineering and how to start a successful career in power engineering.

Furthermore, you will learn the fundamentals of electrical systems, transient and steady state analysis, main components of power systems, electrical machines, high voltage direct current system, active/reactive power control in power systems and power system operation.

POWER & ELECTRICAL online training course

What you'll learn

Power System Design Course Syllabus

Power and Automation – Main Course + 2 Higher end PLC, SCADA, HMI, VFD, PAC, DCS

AC Generator(Alternator)
Construction: Operation – parts of the generator – types of AC generator – single-phase AC generator – three-phase AC generator

DC Generator: Basic principle – construction – parts of the generator – method of functioning -types of the generator – series generator – shunt generator – Compound

Transformer : Introduction –  construction – operation – types of transformers – uses – protective devices of transformer – transformer oil.

DC Motor: Basic principles – construction – parts of dc motor – method of functioning – types of dc motor – series motor – shunt motor – compound motor

AC Motor: Three-phase motor – single phase motor – construction – operation – uses

High Tension and Low Tension Electrical Work
Marine Electrical Work

Estimate Material Quantities and Costs Prior to
Bidding an Electrical based Project
Calculation of total load
Selection of electrical equipment

Teach to create and manage projects, create and
edit various electrical drawings,
develop reports with the help of Autocad Electrical

  • Megger
  • Multimeter
  • Tong tester
  • Earth tester
  • Neon tester
  • Loop calibrator
  • Generator synchronization, VFD and AMF Earthing
  • Load testing
  • Power management and monitoring
  • Ferrule and types of crimping
    Bus bar arrangements
    Relay Contactor and switch gear
    Complete panel design and wiring
  • Basics of electricity and its symbols electrical machines and instruments
    distribution of electricity

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Online Power System Design Course

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Power System Design Course
Power System Design Course
Power System Design Course
Power System Design Course