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Quantity Surveyor Civil QS course from SMEClabs Kerala will train you in all the aspects of Quantity Surveying. Quantity surveyor plays a major role in Civil engineering from evaluating the cost of the project to determining the amount of labour work that should be done in a project. In a developed country we can see a lot of skyscrapers and other structures and all of this is carried out with the help of a Quantity surveyor. All these structures must be designed and maintained properly.  In case the building or structure is not designed properly then it won’t last long or the need for maintenance will be high

Quantity-surveyor-Course-Civil-QS in kerala

Syllabus for Quantity surveyor Course

  • Introduction/Importance of quantity surveying.
  • Role and responsibilities of a quantity surveyor
  • Procedure of Estimation and costing
  • Difference between Tender and Bid
  • EMD(Earnest Money Deposit)
  • Types of contracts
  • Rules and measurements as per IS 1200
  • Methods of taking out quantities -Two-roomed building
  • Quantities of 2500Sq.ft residential building
  • Reinforcement detailing of RCC slabs
  • Detailing of isolated footing
  • Reinforced concrete columns
  • RCC stair detailing
  • Size and Quantity of Reinforcement for building works
  • Quantity of cement and sand calculation in mortar
  • Quantities of materials for concrete
  • Painting process
  • Rate analysis of civil works-Elements and requirements
  • Setting out of foundation trenches
  • Standard size of rooms in residential building and their locations
  • Lightning and ventilation of rooms
  • Septic Tank
  • Types of pipe fittings in the plumbing system
  • Site selection for residential buildings
  • Vasthu sastra for building construction
  • Anti-Termite treatment
Civil QS Certification

International & National Level Certification.

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Quantity Surveyor Course Civil QS Course will be useful for civil engineers and also it will be useful for freshers too. Civil Engineers’ job is not finished after the completion of the project.  The structure of the building should be monitored periodically and must be able to determine the life of the infrastructure and should provide proper maintenance based on the requirements. This course is designed in a way that you will be trained based on industrial standards. You will be trained by industrial professionals and because of that, your skills will improve.

Quantity Surveyor Course
Quantity Surveyor Course

Civil NDT

NDT plays a major role in Civil engineering this testing will be useful to determine the quality of the component or the structure. This test can determine the condition of bridges or other concrete structures. There are several types of NDT testing and they are Visual NDT, Ultrasonic NDT, Radiography NDT, and Eddy current NDT.

Quantity Surveyor Course

Civil NDT

Civil constructions have a lot to owe to the quality maintained at the time of construction and after construction. This is because a small fault in a Civil construction will cost a lot of lives. So it is very important to have the best QA/QC engineers on board

Quantity Surveyor Course

Quantity surveyor (Civil QS)

A professional with knowledge, enough to give expert advices and guide in management, estimation of construction costs, contracts and legalities is the one who is a Civil Quantity Surveyor. See the above syllabus to get details in QS.

Civil QS Job Opportunities

Who Is This Program For?

Minimum Eligibility

Top Skills You Will Learn

What is a quantity surveyor course?

As a quantity surveyor, one should be able to determine the cost, and commercial risk associated with the project, provide work to subcontractors, etc. The quantity surveyor Civil QS course from SMEClabs will help you acquire these skills. This course will teach you to assign and provide all the construction activities automatically. After completing the quantity surveyor course from SMEClabs you will be able to handle the legal, technical, and financial parts of a project.


You will learn everything regarding Quantity Surveying in this course. This course is focused on the practical applications of the project such as cost control and estimation also regarding work scheduling.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Quantity surveyor (QS) is the full form of QS in Civil Related services.
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Quantity Surveyor course Civil QS is the best course to start a career in Quantity Surveying. SMECalbs provides the best Quantity surveying Civil QS course in Kochi

To start a career as a Quantity surveyor you need to be a certified professional in Civil QS or should have a degree in quantity surveying.

To determine the cost of a project Quantity surveyor is required. Also, they need to make sure that the construction is done properly and effectively.

  • Determine the completion time of the project
  • To estimate the material cost
  • Quantity and Quality of the material
  • To keep track of the whole process in a project
  • Assigning work to the contractors involved in the project
  • Mathematical skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Basics of civil engineering
  • Reasoning skills
  • Basic knowledge of construction
  • Cost management skills
  • Project management