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Red Hat Course Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is a leading certification course for IT professionals who configure a network, services, and security on servers running a Red Hat Operating System. RHCE is an advanced-level Red Hat certification. RHCSA is a subset of RHCE and you will also earn both RHCE and RHCSA certifications with this training

redhat course
Reddhat course
About Redhat Course

The Redhat Course Certified Engineer course will prepare you for the certification exam from Red Hat. This certification is intended to be earned by a current Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA). This course will prepare you for the performance-based certification exam by Red Hat that is intended to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and experience as a senior system administrator that is responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.


Redhat Course RHCE Syllabus:
  • Access ing the Command Line Using the Loca l Console
  • Access ing the Command Line Using the Desktop
  • Practice: The GNOME 3 Desktop Environment
  • Executing Commands Using the Ba sh Shell


  • The Linux File System Hierarchy
  • Managing Files Using Command-Line Tools
  • Matching File Names Using Path Name Expansion
  • Reading Documentation Using man Command
  • Reading Documentation Using pi nfo Command
  • Redirecting Output to a File or Program
  • i/o Redirection and Pipelines
  • Editing Text Files from the Shell Prompt
  • Editing Text Files with a Graphical Editor
  • Users and Groups
  • Managing Local User Accounts
  • Managing User Passwords
  • Access ing the Remote Command Line with SSH
  • Configuring SSH Key-based Authentication
  • Customizing SSH Service Configuration
  • System Log Architectu re
  • Reviewing Sys log Files
  • Ana lyzing and Storing Logs
  • Networking Concepts
  • Configuring Networking with nmcli
  • Managing Compressed tar Archives
  • Copying Files Between Systems Securely
  • RPM Software Packages and Yum
  • Managing Software Updates with yum
  • Identifying File Systems and Devices
  • Locating Files on the System
  • Kickstart File Syntax and Modification
  • Deploying a New Virtual System with Kicksta rt
  • Regular Expressions Fundamentals
  • Matching Text with grep
  • The vim Text Editor
  • Basic vim Workflow
  • Editing with vim
  • Scheduling O ne-Time Tasks with at
  • Scheduling Recurring Jobs with cron
  • Scheduling System cron Jobs
  • Process Priority and ” nice” Concepts
  • Using nice and renice to Influence Process Priority
  • POSIX Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Interpret ACLs
  • Enabling and Monitoring Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
  • Troubleshooting SELinux
  • Using Ide ntity Management Services
  • Mounting Network Storage with NFS
  • Automounting Network Storage with N FS
  • Accessing Network Storage with SMB
  • The Red Hat Enterp rise Linux Boot Process
  • Repairing Common Boot Issues
  • Repairing File System I ssues at Boot
  • Controlling Services with systemctl
  • Controlling the Boot Process
  • Review of 1 Pv4 Networking Configuration
  • IPv6 Networking Configuration
  • Configuring Network Teaming
  • Configuring Software Bridges
  • Port Secu rity
  • Managing Firewalld
  • Managing Rich Rules
  • Masquerading and Port Forwarding
  • DNS Concepts
  • Configuring a Caching Nameserver
  • DNS Troubleshooting
  • Configuring Send-only Email Service
  • Providing Remote Block Storage

    • iSCSI Concepts
    • Accessing iSCSI Storage

    Providing File-based Storage

    • Exporting NFS File Systems
    • Providing SMB File Shares
    • Performing a Multiuser SMB Mount
    • Providing File-based Storage

    Configuring MariaDB Databases

    • Installing Maria DB
    • Working with MariaDB Databases
    • Managing Database Users and Access Rights
    • Creating and Restoring MariaDB Backups

    Providing Apache HTTPD Web Service

    • Configuring Apache HTTPD
    • Configuring and Troubleshooting Virtual Hosts
    • Configuring HTTPS
    • Integrating Dynamic Web Content

    Writing Bash Scripts

    • Bash Shell Scripting Basics
    • Enhancing Bash Shell Scripts with Conditionals and Control Structures
    • Linux Containers and Docker
Red Hat Certified Engineer – RHCE

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Red Hat Certified Engineer – RHCE

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