Instrumentation Design Course

In an industrial plant, there are several parameters such as pressure, level, temperature, etc. These parameters must be controlled properly to carry out the operations of an industry. Instrumentation and control are required in each industrial plant to achieve better functioning of a plant. Instrumentation design and process will be very useful for maintaining the quality of the product, reducing downtime, and also the operating cost.

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Instrumentation Design Course

Instrumentation Design Course Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI)

Instrumentation Design Course

Course Code - SLS - | Eligibility - Any Degree, Diploma, Graduates | Mode - Online / Offline / OnDemand / Hybrid | Duration - 6 Months
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Instrumentation Design Course
Process and Instrumentation Design

Smart Plant Instrumentation Course

Process and instrumentation design is utilized in several industrial sectors such as petrochemicals, oil and gas, and a lot of other sectors. This course will teach you all about the process instruments. Get knowledge regarding cable trays, junction boxes, and instrument loop drawings from the Instrumentation Design course from SMEClabs. We have designed this course based on the current industrial standards.

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Instrumentation Design & Detailed Engi- neering documents implement realtime Projects

Instrumentation Design Course Syllabus
  • Instrumentation Plant Design
  • Detailed Design Deliverables
  • Instrument Design document flow
  • P&ID symbols
  • Oil & Gas P&ID review
  • Prepare and Review of Instrument Index
  • Prepare and Review of Input/output (I/O) list
  • Prepare and Review Alarm and Trip Setting List
  • Prepare and Review Cause & Effect Diagram
  • Definitions & Abbreviations
  • Prepare and Review Control Room Layouts
  • Prepare and Review PLC Control System Architecture
  • Prepare and Review DCS Control System Architecture
  • Specification Forms
  • RFQ
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Ingress Protection rating (IP rating)
  • HART Protocol
  • PROFIBUS Communications Protocols
  • Foundation Fieldbus Protocol with SPI
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Pressure Measuring Devices
  • Prepare and Review Data sheet of Pressure Gauge
  • Prepare and Review Data sheet of Pressure transmitter
  • Range Calculation of Pressure Gauge and Pressure transmitter
  • Prepare and Review Hook-Up of Pressure Gauge and Pressure transmitter
  • Flow Measurement
  • Types of Flow Measuring Devices
  • Selection of Flowmeter
  • Prepare and Review Data sheet of orifice
  • Orifice calculation using InstruCalc Software and SPI
  • Hook-Up orifice Flowmeter
  • Level Measurement
  • Types of Level Measuring Devices
  • Prepare and Review Data sheet of Level gauge
  • Prepare and Review Data sheet of DP Level Transmitter
  • Wet Leg LRV & URV calculation
  • Hook-Up Level gauge and Level Transmitte
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Types of Temperature Measuring Devices
  • Prepare and Review Data sheet of Temperature Transmitter
  • Immersion Length calculation
  • Wake Frequency calculation
  • Hook-Up Temperature Element
  • Control Valve
  • Prepare and Review Data sheet of Control Valve
  • Control Valve Sizing (calculation) using Fisher™ Valve
  • Specification Manager software and SPI.
  • Control Valve Selection using Fisher™ Valve Specification Manager software.
  • Prepare and Review Data sheet of ON OFF VALVE
  • Valve Leakage Class
  • Instrument & JB Location Layout
  • Instrument Cable Tray Layout
  • Instrument Cable Schedule
  • Instrument Cable Block Diagram
  • Instrument JB Schedule
  • Instrument AIR Header Schedule
  • Preparation of Hook-up drawings
  • Instrument Loop Diagrams
  • Preparation of Instrument MTO
  • Preparation of Technical Bid Analysis
  • Instrument Erection Tender
  • Fire & Gas Detection System
  • Emergency Shutdown system
  • Safety Integrity Levels
  • Safety Instrument System

About Course

The instrumentation design engineering is required in the industrial plant. Instrumentation measures several plant parameters such as pressure, flow, level, temperature, etc. This instrumentation design course will make you capable of selecting the instruments to control the industrial parameters. During this course, you will learn how to process plant layout and also about piping designs. You will be able to determine the design requirements for plants such as chemicals, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing plants, etc. You will get good knowledge regarding the instrument and process data sheets. You will be able to create loop wiring diagrams, JB layouts, and a lot more after completing the Instrumentation Design course from SMEClabs.

We provide the training of Instrumentation Design tools SPI, Intools, smart plant instrumentation, Instrumentation QC, Plan 3D.

Smart Plant Instrumentation Course
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SMEClabs Provides Enterprise-Level Instrumentation Design Course with NSDC Certification
You can become a professional in instrumentation design by choosing a Certification course. You need to have an educational background in the mechanical, chemical, or electrical sectors. SMEClabs provides the best Instrumentation design certification course in India.
The instrumentation design course from SMEClabs is the best course to start a career in Instrumentation engineering.
The industrial process is carried out by several instruments. Instrumentation design mostly deals with the instruments that are used in an industrial plant for Automation.

Instrumentation is used in several sectors such as petrochemicals, automobiles, manufacturing plants, and a lot more. So because of this, we can say that Instrumentation professionals are high in demand.