Primavera Course Project Management Training

Primavera P6 EPPM is a project management program which plays a pivotal role in the successful execution of a project. In a project where thousands of employees and involved and huge range of materials are used, a superior level of management and planning is required in order to successfully execute the project. In a construction and engineering project, time bound solutions, precision and perfection have a lot of importance and so the importance of a Project Management Program plays the key role in managing the whole process from a screen.

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Primavera Course

Some of the key advantages of using Primavera

  • The efficiency can be highly increased in planning and execution.
  • Possible risks can be identified from an early stage and suitable steps can be taken to overcome them.
  • A precise utilization of materials can be done by making decisions with respect to predictions. A budget friendly analysis with alternatives.
  • Helps to avoid unwanted expenditure, by informing the exact amount of allocation required and avoiding wastage.
  • Risks can be avoided by scheduling.
  • Analytics and optimization of resources in a project.
  • Timely update of resources to restock without delay.
  • The planning can be represented graphically for a perfect understanding.

SMEC provides one of the best and detailed courses for Project Management Program and related courses for hassle free management of projects. Learn with us to be successful.

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Primavera P6 Course

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Project planning course

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Primavera Course Syllabus

  • Describe enterprise and project-specific data
  • Log in
  • Open an existing project
  • Navigate in the Home window and Activities window
  • Open an existing layout
  • Customize a lay
  • Save a layout
  • Describe the components that comprise the Enterprise Project Structure
  • View the EPS
  • Create a Project
  • Navigate in the Project window
  • View and modify information in Project Details
  • View a network logic diagram
  • Differentiate between the four relationship types
  • Create relationships in Active Details
  • Perform a forward and backward pass
  • Describe float and its impact on a schedule
  • Calculate schedule
  • Analyze the scheduling log report
  • Apply a constraint to an individual activity
  • Add notebook topics to constrained activities
  • Describe the available constraint types
  • Describe the difference between a work product and a reference document
  • Create a document record
  • Link the document record to a project document or work product
  • Assign the project document to an activity or WBS
  • Describe roles
  • Views the roles dictionary
  • Describe resources
  • Identify the differences between labor, nonlabor and material resources
  • View the resource dictionary
  • Assign roles to an activity
  • Assign rates on roles
  • Assign resources by role
  • Assign labor, nonlabor, and material resources to activities
  • Adjust Budgeted Units/Time for a resource
  • Assign expenses to activities
  • Analyze schedule dates
  • Shorten a project schedule
  • Analyze resource availability
  • Remove resource overallocation
  • Analyze project costs
  • Create a baseline plan
  • Display baseline bars on the Gantt Chart
  • Modify the bars on the Gantt Chart
  • Describe several methods for updating the project schedule
  • Use Progress Spotlight
  • Status activities
  • Reschedule the
  • project
  • Describe reporting methods
  • Run a schedule report
  • Create a resource report with the
  • Report wizard
  • Create a time distributed report
  • Create a report using the current layout
project planning course

Project Planning Course

Basic to advance

  • Introduction to project management
  • Introduction to Primavera
  • CPM Analysis
  • Start-up and Navigation bar
  • Enterprise environment
  • Creating new project
  • Primavera work break down structure
  • Working with calendars
  • Working with activities
  • Activity code creation
  • Formatting the display
  • Work with group
  • Sort & layout filter
  • Understand resource roles
  • Expenses assign roles
  • Resource Expenses
  • Resource optimization
  • Managing data in schedules
  • Cost and resources
  • Managing baselines
  • Updating the progress
  • Earned value analysis
  • Monitoring and controlling the project
  • Generating report
Primavera Course Project Management
Primavera Course Project Management
Primavera Course Project Management
Primavera Course Project Management

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Helps in Minimizing Risks,  User-Friendly, Expanded Resources, Improved Visibility, Predicting of Project Activities.

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