Graphic Design Course Kerala

Graphic design course from SMEClabs Kerala will make you a professional graphic designer. Master the skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Motion Graphics, etc. This course will also provide you with skills in Color theory and typography. SMEClabs is the leading educational service provider in Kochi Kerala.

Graphic design course from SMEClabs is all about providing you with the skills to pursue your passion. The Graphic design course duration from SMEClabs will be up to 6 months. This is all about acquiring skills in art so it can’t be forced cause art would take time. If you are passionate about designing then this is the right choice for you.

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Graphic Design Courses Kerala

Graphic designing & video editing Course

Graphic Designing Course

Course Code - SLS - 1604 | Difficulty - Beginner / No experience | Eligibility - Any Degree, Diploma, Graduates | Mode - Online / Offline / OnDemand / Hybrid | Duration - 6 Months
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Career Opportunities of Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Web Designer
Brand Identity Designer Motion Graphics Designer
Social Media Designer UI Designer
Digital Brand Manager Interaction Designer
Illustration artist Ads Designer
Graphic Design Courses Kerala

Graphic Design Course Syllabus

  • Elements of design
  • Organisational principles of composition
  • Communication through colour
  • Type anatomy & typesetting
  • Combining type and image
  • Type as Image
  • Project: Type-based poster and Icon design
  • Grid systems
  • Layout & page design
  • Type for print & web
  • Printing techniques
  • Usability & functionality in print & publication
  • Interpreting visual language
  • Project: Brochure + Collaterals (Postcard / Invite / Poster, Carry Bag, etc.)
  • Tools of inquiry (immersion & analysis)
  • Observation & Visual research,
  • Elements of context: Conditions, circumstances, people, factors, values, patterns.
  • Storytelling as a technique of communication
  • Introduction to storytelling through images
  • Project: Visual Storytelling
  • Signs, symbols & symbolism
  • Evolution of Branding
  • Fundamentals of Branding: What lies beneath?
  • Elements of Brand identity
  • Methodical Design process
  • Presenting a design concept as a narrative
  • Developing Visual Design system
  • Applying a Design System to create range of design outcomes
  • Creative application of brand identity
  • Project: Design / Identity system for a brand (logo, pattern, iconography, etc.)
  • Develop your portfolio
  • CV & LinkedIn profile
  • Principles of motion
  • Working with time & space
  • Emotion in motion
  • Experimenting with media
  • Storyboard & storytelling
  • Project: Visual storytelling with motion
  • Visual rhetoric’s
  • Building brand narrative (Hook, Message, and Call to Action)
  • Planning communication to inform, influence or persuade
  • Incorporating interactive elements
  • Social media & content marketing
  • Preparing Client Pitch Presentation
  • Project: Social media narrative for a brand
  • Develop your portfolio
  • Professional Communication
  • Recruitment Drive
  • Intro to Premiere Pro
  • Fixing Audio/Color & Making Edits
  • The Source Monitor & Adding B-Roll
  • Adding a Logo “Bug” & Animating Images
  • Editing Clips
  • Exporting a Video
  • Create a Promo Video
  • Refining Clips on the Timeline
  • Adjusting Audio & Adding Titles
  • Resizing & Exporting Video
  • Applying Effects to Clips
  • Using Adjustment Layers to Color Correct Videos
  • Chroma Keying Video Footage (Green Screen Removal)
  • Animating Effects to Reveal a Clip
  • Exporting Files

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Online Graphic Design Course

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Classroom Graphic Design Course

Get Flutter Course in Classroom at limited locations. Kochi Kerala.

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Graphic Design Courses Kerala
Graphic Design Courses Kerala
Graphic Design Courses Kerala
Graphic Design Courses Kerala
Graphic Design Courses Kerala

Skills that you will acquire during the Graphic design course from SMEClabs?

  • Vector and raster graphics
  • Designing skills for websites & UI
  • Visual effects
  • Motion Graphic
  • Logo creation
  • Color theory and typography
  • Digital illustration
  • Branding and advertisement
  • Video Editing

Benefits of choosing a career in Graphic designing

Graphic design and animation can be described as an ever-growing field, most of us don’t know about the opportunities and career options in this sector. All of this is due to the lack of knowledge regarding this sector. The opportunities in this sector are vast from web designing to gaming. Now everything is digital and visual communication plays a major role in this digital era.
Our faculties are good at what they do they can transform you into a pro. You will be trained in Color correction, UI designing, motion graphics, and a lot more.

Graphic Design Courses Kerala

FAQ for Graphic Design Course

We can see opportunities for graphic designers from gaming to construction so opportunities in this sector are vast. What matters is the skills that you have in this sector if you have good skills and a better portfolio to showcase your skills then you will have good career growth with good pay.

  • UI/ UX designers
  • Creative designers
  • Illustration artist
  • Branding promoters 
  • Automotive designers
  • Film industry
  • Creative director
  • Advertisement
  • Film industry
  • Web Designing
  • Gaming
  • Automotive designing
  • Brand development
  • Packaging designing
  • Printing and publications

SMEClabs is the best graphic design course provider in Kerala. SMEClabs has more than 15 years of expertise in the educational sector so if you want quality learning then this is the right choice for you.

Our Students Projects

Graphic Design Courses Kerala
Graphic Design Courses Kerala
Graphic Design Courses Kerala