ELV Technician

ELV Technician SMEClabs has designed this course for freshers and also for professionals who like to pursue their career in ELV. This course will make you capable enough to do the designing, commissioning, installation, testing, and repairing of the ELV system. SMEClabs is one of the leading providers of certified professional ELV training in Kerala. Smeclabs has designed this ELV course in a way that it will cover all the topics regarding the ELV system so that our candidates will acquire all the skills which are required for an ELV technician. ELV technicians make it possible for the proper operation of the Fire alarm system, CCTV system, Access control system, and a lot more “Best ELV Technician Course Jobs, Training and Certification India, UAE Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, Africa.”

ELV Technician

Extra Low Voltage Training Syllabus

SMEClabs ELV technician course is well equipped for freshers and experienced professionals. You can learn several electrical things from basics to advanced level. During this course, you will learn about several extra low-voltage electrical systems such as surveillance systems, security systems, firefighting systems, etc.

Access control system

Access control is utilized in several sectors from private to public sectors. Almost all industries are utilizing the access control system to protect their enterprise.

  • Introduction to access control
  • Electronic access control
  • Role-based access control
  • Mandatory access control
  • Discretionary access control
  • Rule-based access control
  • Access controllers and connection
  • Electrical and magnetic locks
  • Integration of devices to the controller system
  • Risk-based access control
  • Alarm systems and field panels
  • Card readers
  • Electric Lock Hardware

Fire alarm system

The fire alarm system is really important it is utilized in several buildings and also in manufacturing factories. Safety comes first, so this control system plays a major role to protect the people and the assets in a building. Due to this the fire alarm system should operate properly.

  • Introduction to the fire alarm system
  • Types of fire alarm sensors
  • Troubleshooting
  • Testing the operation of the fire alarm system and its connection
  • Fire alarm system installation
  • Operation of the devices in the fire alarm system
  • Testing methods of fire alarm system
  • Extra low-voltage fire alarm wiring
  • Intelligent fire alarm system
  • Modules and interface in a fire alarm system

Advanced CCTV system

CCTV plays a major role in the security of an organization. During this course, you will learn about several types of CCTV systems. You will learn several things regarding the CCTV components and their interconnection. After completing the ELV technician course you will be able to troubleshoot the problems in a CCTV system.

  • Introduction to
  • CCTV system
  • CCTV wiring
  • Types of cameras in a CCTV system
  • Different types of cables utilized in the CCTV system
  • Different types of cameras utilized in the CCTV system
  • Device wiring in a CCTV system
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance in a CCTV system
  • Different types of testing in a CCTV system
  • DVR and NVR video recorders

ELV Technician

  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Basics of electrical safety
  • Highrise building – Electrical systems
  • HT/LT Power systems
  • Wiring and cable management systems
  • Lighting distribution systems
  • Power distribution systems
  • Types of DB, SMDB
  • Breakers & its maintenance
  • Timers and relays
  • Switchgears types and selection
  • UPS & Inverters
  • Earthing & Lightening protection systems
  • Transformers and Generators
  • Types indicators and energy measuring devices
  • Operations and maintenance of MCB & capacitor bank
  • PPM schedule and check list

Building Automation system

A BMS system is used to control the electrical and mechanical devices in a building. You will learn how to create an electrical network in a building.

  • Introduction to BMS
  • BIM modeling
  • Controlling and troubleshooting the electrical system in a building
  • IoT-based communication in a BMS system
  • Field devices and control panels in a BMS system
  • Single line diagram in a BMS system
  • Communication protocols in a BMS system
  • Different control units in a BMS system

Public Address and Audio-visual Solutions

Public address systems can be seen in manufacturing plants and also in several organizational buildings. This will alert the people in an organization in case of any emergencies. This is also utilized to convey messages which are really important.

  • Electronic components in a public address system
  • Speakers and controllers utilized in a public address system
  • Wiring different components in a public address system
  • Maintenance and control of the public address system
  • Testing methods in a public address system

Emergency lighting system

Emergency lighting can be seen in huge buildings and there are escape lightings to show the escape route in case of any emergency situations.

  • Introduction to the emergency lighting system
  • Lighting source and intensity
  • Backup power required for the lighting source
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of the emergency lighting system
  • Different types of emergency lighting systems such as LED, Fire signage, etc.
  • Maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting
  • Designing the emergency lighting system in a building
  • Standby and Emergency escape lighting

Structured cabling system

Structured cabling plays a major role in the security of a building. You will learn several things regarding building connectivity. You will be able to integrate different systems in a building such as energy systems, security systems, etc.

  • Introduction to structured cabling
  • Different standards of structured cabling
  • Different types of connectors and cables in structured cabling
  • Testing
  • Fiber optic cabling for telecommunication
  • Cable shielding
  • Network cabling
  • Cat cables and their types

ELV Technician Courses Certificate

NSDC Govt of India Approved ELV Technician Course, International & National Level Certification Course.

ELV Technician course Online

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ELV Technician Course Priority

ELV Technician Course Priority

Why is ELV Technician Course so important?

Our ELV-certified professional training program will make you a competent professional in the electrical sector. We do provide several practical classes and all of this will help you to get placed. You will be trained by industrial professionals, SMEC is also a marine service provider and SMEClabs is its training division. There will be a lot of professionals to train you and you will become a competent ELV professional after completing this course. We have a flexible training schedule because we know that there are a lot of working professionals who like to upgrade their skills. You will be trained in almost all of the ELV systems which are utilized in the industries. If you are an Electrical or Electronic professional who wishes to upgrade your career then this will be the right choice for you.

ELV Technician
ELV Technician
ELV Technician
ELV Technician

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