Renewable Energy Certificates Course

Renewable Energy Certificates – BE SKILLED & SAVE ENERGY We learn about renewable energy in our primary school, but yet we have not gained enough skill to use it efficiently and conserve it. SMEClabs gives you the opportunity to be a Certified Renewable Energy Engineer by attaining enough knowledge in Renewable Energy and Sources. When considered there are a few varieties of renewable sources of energy, such as Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, Biomass Energy, and Hydropower Energy. Solar energy is one source of energy that has influence in all other forms of renewable energy. It takes very little skill to learn how to make use of Solar Energy efficiently. A well-designed grid with respect to a proper analysis of energy usage, and efficient method to store and use energy is all that matters. Having a wide range of products developed giving importance to this there are many ways to manage solar energy. The future will be built and will also rely on renewable energy, a pollution-free world for generations to come. SMEClabs welcome you all to experience the hybrid training in Renewable Energy.

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renewable energy certificates
Renewable Energy Certification Program

About The Course

Renewable Energy Certification Program is designed to recognize the expertise and experience of professionals involved in the specification and application of renewable and alternative energy technologies, assessment of renewable energy projects, and development of achievable low-carbon and sustainability goals for organizations.


What will you learn Renewable Energy Certificates?

Renewable Energy Certification Program
"Top Renewable Energy Certification Program" Syllabus
  • Introduction to Conventional & Non-conventional sources of energy
  • Difference between conventional & Nonconventional energy & their limitations
    Advantages & Disadvantages of Non-conventional energy
    Solar Energy:
  • Reasons for Non-conventional energy being not so popular.
  • Chances for development of Non-conventional energy in India
  • Atomic Structure – Proton, Neutron & Electron
  • Characteristics & Laws of Electricity
  • Various methods of generation of Electricity
  • Electrical Safety – Hazards & Safety measures.
  • First Aid
  • Typical values of battery voltage module current & voltage.
  • Acid & their properties,
  • Current low in batteries
  • Impact of shorting of terminals.
  • Charging process
  • Precautions to be taken while charging a battery
  • Introduction to Lead-acid battery Construction, parts & working.
  • Anode, cathode & Electrolyte (sulphuric acid + distilled water).
  • Construction & working of Hydrometer.
  • Working of a battery capacity tester.
  • Connection of battery (series & parallel).
  • Battery cable & lamp.
  • Maintenance & faults in a battery (battery box, negative & positive plates, cell connector, terminal, electrolyte, specific gravity, battery voltage)
  • Solar battery charges

Introduction to Electric circuit.
AC & DC current.
Series & parallel connections.
AC Single phase & three phase.
Frequency. Electric Power & Energy.
Joules Law.
Conductors, Resistors & Insulators.
Resistance of Wires made of
dierent materials.
Types of Wiring.
Faults in wiring & their eects.
Earthing: Importance & Types

Need for personal safety & safety of others.
Dangers associated with working at heights.
Methods of safety practices while using different hand tools.
Impact of the incorrect lifting of objects,
System components (especially battery)
while installing at heights & while working.
Personal protective equipment & their usage.
Knowledge of the causes of the accident & its remedial actions.

  • Introduction to Photo-voltaic Cell.
  • Advantages & disadvantages of photo-voltaic conversion.
  • Use of solar cell in various instruments.
  • Photo-voltaic array & its connections, arrangements of array according to the voltage.
  • Module & its connections.
  • Faults & their effects in photo-voltaic cell, array & module (connection of cell, connection of array, connection of module)
  • Load Calculation – Panel construction – Maximum Power Point Tracking – Panel sizing
  • Automatic Mains Failure
  • Wind energy conversion and harnessing
  • Wind turbines
  • Wind hybrid system
  • Offshore windmills
  • Hydroelectric power stations
    Hydro turbines
  • Roof Top
  • Energy production
    Tidal steam generator
    Single basin and double basin
    tidal powerplant
    Gas dominated and liquid
    dominated powerplants
    Enhanced geothermal powerplants
    Future scope
  • Wood and agricultural biomass
    Ethanol, power alcohol, biodiesel
  • Description of main parts of solar
    lighting system: Solar Lantern, street
    light, home light
    Charge controller: Types – Selection
    Conguration – Rating-Characteristics
    Storage battery
    Inverter: Types – Selection- Conguration
    Rating –Grid Tied & OFF Grid Inverters
    Maintenance of solar lighting system
    Major solar lighting manufacturers in India
    Comparative study of Conventional lighting
    system & solar lighting system
    Solar power management system with IoT
    Intelligent solar inverter systems
    Solar Tracking


The ever-expanding power generation industry offers you a huge opportunity for a better career. We help you to be a part of it, by training candidates in different aspects of power generation, measurement, control, and power management systems. SMEC Automation is the authorized system integrator for Schneider Electric France. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we provide the opportunity to learn it from the world’s largest industry connect online training platform SMEClabs. Our trainers provide in-depth training and knowledge from years of experience and insight.

Renewable Energy Certification Program

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Renewable Energy Certificates Course No1 in India Kerala
Renewable Energy Certification Program

Renewable Energy Certificates Course No1 in India Kerala. Learn from our industry experts to get the job you want. 100% placement assistance.

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