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What is Building Management System?

Building management system Training otherwise known as a building automation system (BAS) training & Facility Management System (FMS) training, is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that control and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. At SMEClabs, we provide the best building management system training (BMS) Online. We have specialized labs designed solely for the purpose of educating young graduates and experienced professionals. Our labs and teaching faculties are unparalleled. Through our online learning portal, we help students and professionals all around the world get virtual access to our state of the art training facilities. 

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Building Management System Online Training
Building Management System Online Training
CCTV Technician-Best Building Management System BMS Training-SMEClabs
Fire alarm System-Building Management System BMS Online Training| SMEClabs
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Building Management System Online Training
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Syllabus for Building Management System

  • Understanding BMS
  • components and systems
  • BMS controller and plc
  • Energy management using BMS
  • Controllers and CMS
  • Power supply
  • Single phase and 3 phase system
  • Types of load & calculation
  • Measurement of current, voltage & power
  • Different types of earthing
  • Introduction
    Detector types & selection
    Panel types
    Zone programming
    Panel attributes
    Partition programming
    Keypad types
    Panel-software interfacing
    Zone expanders

  • Introduction
    Fire alarm history
    Fire triangle
    Fdas components
    Fire detectors
    Fire panel types
    Zone & loop concepts
    Class a & class b wiring
    Addressable panel intro
    Loop configuration
    MCP/ pull station

  • Electronic components
  • Circuit theory
  • Familiarization of tools
  • Selection of components
  • Lighting control
  • Introduction to Construction Industry
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Switchgears – MCB, MCCB, Isolators, RCD/RCCB, RCBO, ACB, VCB, Contactors etc. Specifications, ratings and selection
  • Power in kW, kVA, power factor and conversions.
  • Load calculations, Total Connected Load (TCL), Max. Demand (MD), Diversity Factor (D.F)
  • TCL calculations by Watts/Square feet and Counting methods
  • Lighting Layout Lab
  • Distribution Board (D.B) and its components, various types, DB scheduling, Inspectorate rules
  • General Inspectorate rules and various standards
  • Sizing of Distribution Transformer (11kV), D.G. Set, feeder cables, busbars etc. from MD and full load current calculations.
  • Instrument transformers (C.T and P.T), specifications, ratio, burden, various relays, basic protection scheme.
  • Voltage drop calculations and cable sizing
  • Earthing design and specifications, Lightning specifications and rules.
  • Sample design of an apartment and SLD preparation
  • Dialux & Lighting design
  • Introduction
    ACS system topology
    System components
    Reader types
    Biometric system
    Panel types
    Locking devices
    ACS networked system

  • Introduction
    Camera types
    Camera features & specifications
    CCTV design concepts
    Digital video recorder
    DVR sections
    DVR networking
    Port forwarding
    Remote access (DDNS)
    Out door camera & IP rating
    IP cam & CCTV system

  • Introduction
  • Micro-controller based lighting control
  • Voice Guidance through GOOGLE HOME
  • Timer
  • Counter
  • Compare block
  • Operations
  • Subroutines
  • Sequential compare
  • Communication
  • Fundamentals
  • Ducting schematic layout
  • Chiller
  • Pumping systems
  • Ventilation system
  • Introduction
  • Basics of motors
  • MCC panel wiring
  • Programming of motor drives
  • Control panel wiring
  • Types
  • OSI layers
  • Cables and crimping
  • TCP/IP
  • LAN and wan
  • File sharing
  • Introduction
    VDP topology
    Out door station module
    Indoor module configuration

  • 2d drafting
  • Modification tools
  • Object properties, layers
  • Dimensioning, hatching
  • Blocks
  • Plot, layout


Tag assigning& animation-analog & digital
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Tag assigning& animation-analog & digital
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  • Introduction
    Basic block diagram of EPABX system
    Different types of EPABX system
    Different facilities available in EPABX system
    Call waiting, call transfer, conference facility
    Incoming call management
    CLI based routing
    Call budgeting , class of service

  • Introduction
    Characteristics of microphone
    Characteristics of audio amplifiers
    Types of loudspeakers

  • Basics on solar energy and power generation systems
    Solar energy system components such as panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters
    Sunlight and direction assessment
    Voltage requirement of various equipment

  • UPS
    Types of UPS
    UPS Design

  • Introduction
    Surges,causes,protection against surges
    Lightning protection & air termination system

  • Electrical drawings
    Wiring concept
    IP standards
    Sensor types
    Input , output wiring: digital, analog
    Cable selection

Hydraulic piston/pump
Pneumatic piston/pump
Motor (ac/dc/servo)

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