Red Hat Certified Engineer – RHCE training
About The Course

The Red Hat Certified Engineer course will prepare you for the certification exam from Red Hat. This certification is intended to be earned by a current Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA). This course will prepare you for the performance-based certification exam by Red Hat that is intended to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and experience as a senior system administrator that is responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.

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Red Hat Certified Engineer – RHCE Online Training Syllabus:
  • Access ing the Command Line Using the Loca l Console
  • Access ing the Command Line Using the Desktop
  • Practice: The GNOME 3 Desktop Environment
  • Executing Commands Using the Ba sh Shell


  • The Linux File System Hierarchy
  • Managing Files Using Command-Line Tools
  • Matching File Names Using Path Name Expansion
  • Reading Documentation Using man Command
  • Reading Documentation Using pi nfo Command
  • Redirecting Output to a File or Program
  • i/o Redirection and Pipelines
  • Editing Text Files from the Shell Prompt
  • Editing Text Files with a Graphical Editor
  • Users and Groups
  • Managing Local User Accounts
  • Managing User Passwords
  • Access ing the Remote Command Line with SSH
  • Configuring SSH Key-based Authentication
  • Customizing SSH Service Configuration
  • System Log Architectu re
  • Reviewing Sys log Files
  • Ana lyzing and Storing Logs
  • Networking Concepts
  • Configuring Networking with nmcli
  • Managing Compressed tar Archives
  • Copying Files Between Systems Securely
  • RPM Software Packages and Yum
  • Managing Software Updates with yum
  • Identifying File Systems and Devices
  • Locating Files on the System
  • Kickstart File Syntax and Modification
  • Deploying a New Virtual System with Kicksta rt
  • Regular Expressions Fundamentals
  • Matching Text with grep
  • The vim Text Editor
  • Basic vim Workflow
  • Editing with vim
  • Scheduling O ne-Time Tasks with at
  • Scheduling Recurring Jobs with cron
  • Scheduling System cron Jobs
  • Process Priority and ” nice” Concepts
  • Using nice and renice to Influence Process Priority
  • POSIX Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Interpret ACLs
  • Enabling and Monitoring Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
  • Troubleshooting SELinux
  • Using Ide ntity Management Services
  • Mounting Network Storage with NFS
  • Automounting Network Storage with N FS
  • Accessing Network Storage with SMB
  • The Red Hat Enterp rise Linux Boot Process
  • Repairing Common Boot Issues
  • Repairing File System I ssues at Boot
  • Controlling Services with systemctl
  • Controlling the Boot Process
  • Review of 1 Pv4 Networking Configuration
  • IPv6 Networking Configuration
  • Configuring Network Teaming
  • Configuring Software Bridges
  • Port Secu rity
  • Managing Firewalld
  • Managing Rich Rules
  • Masquerading and Port Forwarding
  • DNS Concepts
  • Configuring a Caching Nameserver
  • DNS Troubleshooting
  • Configuring Send-only Email Service
  • Providing Remote Block Storage

    • iSCSI Concepts
    • Accessing iSCSI Storage

    Providing File-based Storage

    • Exporting NFS File Systems
    • Providing SMB File Shares
    • Performing a Multiuser SMB Mount
    • Providing File-based Storage

    Configuring MariaDB Databases

    • Installing Maria DB
    • Working with MariaDB Databases
    • Managing Database Users and Access Rights
    • Creating and Restoring MariaDB Backups

    Providing Apache HTTPD Web Service

    • Configuring Apache HTTPD
    • Configuring and Troubleshooting Virtual Hosts
    • Configuring HTTPS
    • Integrating Dynamic Web Content

    Writing Bash Scripts

    • Bash Shell Scripting Basics
    • Enhancing Bash Shell Scripts with Conditionals and Control Structures
    • Linux Containers and Docker

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        Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is a leading certification course for IT professionals who configure a network, services, and security on servers running a Red Hat Operating System. RHCE is an advanced level Red Hat certification. RHCSA is a subset of RHCE and you will also earn both RHCE and RHCSA certifications with this training

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