MEP Course

mep course


When we walk through a commercial building we never get to see live naked Electrical wirings hanging out, pipelines going up and down inside the building and even the ventilation is designed into the structure that it looks like a piece of art. There are structures where it is visible in rare cases where it becomes a part of the aesthetics of interior design itself. There are many reasons to this. Just like the strength of a building’s structure, there are equal importance for a proper Ventilation (heat management & air circulation), Electrical System (from power grid to various outputs) and Plumbing (that includes water supply & sewage disposal) which adds up to MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing). This is because as any wrong move can cost lot of money and even life itself at times. MEP designs are made at the time of structural design itself, so as to get the government’s approval for construction if they are satisfy various public health norms. MEP also includes the design of firefighting systems installed. MEP designs play a huge role in the life and safety of a building. SMEClabs offers you a detailed training in MEP, walking you through global standards.