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The visualization of a developed nation brings into our minds with visuals of skyscrapers, national express high ways, monuments, uber construction sites that look impossible, stadiums that look like art, dams, airports, shipyards, pipelines, sewage systems, industries, and other daily commutation and life-supporting infrastructures. A well planned, designed, estimated, and executed construction with precise calculation turns out to be a miracle when brought into life in a combined effort of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Civil Engineers’ job still not gets done, periodic monitoring and maintenance of the infrastructure understanding its life and maintaining its quality overages to make it safe for generations to come is also Civil Engineer’s duty. The main pillars of a successful Civil Engineer are to validate a well-planned design, precise Survey and Estimation, Quality Analysis, and Quality Control. SMEClabs in Kollam delivers you world’s best combo for an ever booming career in Civil Engineering.

MEP HVAC Course in Kollam Kerala. This course is aimed at students who are interested to build a career in MEP Field. Best MEP HVAC training centre in Kollam Kerala MEP HVAC training include HVAC Designing & Drafting training, Electrical System Design training, Public Health Engineering training, AutoCAD training, Firefighting System training, REVIT MEP training, REVIT Architecture training, Building Performance Analysis Systems HVAC Hydronic Piping Systems Plumbing Systems Fire Protection Systems and course fee starts from ₹5000. Eligibility B-Tech BE Diploma Graduates M-Tech ME Ongoing and Pass out, Special training for experienced and working employees Courses Online free tutorials.

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Best MEP HVAC training in Kollam Kerala|SMEClabs
Revit MEP Training in Kollam Kerala|SMEClabs
MEP HVAC Training institute in Kollam Kerala|SMEClabs

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Top MEP HVAC courses and  Training in Kollam Kerala|SMEClabs
Best MEP HVAC Training in Kollam Kerala|SMEClabs
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MEP HVAC Training in Kollam | MEP HVAC Course in Kollam, Kerala
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MEP HVAC Courses for B.Tech Diploma graduates in Kollam Kerala|SMEClabs
MEP HVAC DESIGN Course in Kollam Kerala|SMEClabs
Diploma in HVAC Engineering in Kollam Kerala|SMEClabs
Best MEP Design courses in Kollam Kerala|SMEClabs

Syllabus for MEP HVAC

Heat Load Calculation
Duct Designing
VRF System,
Chiller Selection,
Ventilation System HAP
Duct Sizer
Pipe Sizer
BETA Selection Software
VRF Selection Software

Basic Electrical
Switch Gears
Power Transformers
Load Calculation Lighting Layout
DB Scheduling
Transformer Selection

PHE Calculation
Types of Pipe and Sizing Internal Plumbing Layout
Pump head calculation and tank selection
Septic Tank calculation and waste water management
External plumbing and lab

  • Drawing Tools
    Modification Drawing Tools
    Modification tools
    Advanced modification tools
    Orthographic Projections
    Isometry on tools

  • Fundamentals
    Fire protection System
    Classification of Fire
    Tank Sizing Fire Detection System
    Fire pump selection
    Fire Fighting Schematic Layout
  • Project units
    Levels & Walls
    Modifying tools
    Column & Roof
    Ramps and Railing
    Camera & Rendering
    Family Creation
    Link Revit
  • Basic Revit Architecture Designing
    Link Revit & AutoCAD Files 
    HVAC Designing
    Heating & Cooling Load Analysis
    Placing Duct & Pipe Sizing Plumbing Designing
    Hot & Cold Water Pipe
    Sanitary Pipes
    Fire Protection Designing Electrical System Designing
    House Wiring & Cable Tray Designing
  • Introduction & Fundamentals
    Types of Air Condition System
    Types of Refrigeration Cycle
    Study on refrigerants
    Study on Air Distribution System
    Duct Desigining
    Duct Sizing Using Duct Sizer
    Duct System Components
    Gril sizing using beta programe
    Ventilation systems & LAB
    ESP Calculation
    VRV or VRF systems
    Heat Load Calculation (Manual Method)
    Equipment Selection
    Pipe Sizing methods
    Mini Project
    Chiller and Plant configuration
    Types of Chiller
    Pump Selection
    HVAC System, Valves
    Accessories & Scheme Schedule Estimate
    Main Project
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