REVIT Architecture

Revit Architecture?

Behind every infrastructure there is an Architect who makes sure that the construction happens as per the plans and designs that he/she could have made. To make such amazing designs one would need a powerful tool that would help the architect create designs not just in 2D or 3D but even up to 6D. Revit Architecture is software that helps not just Architects, but also designers and other professionals to create detailed models of structures, landscapes, electrical drawings, mechanical drawings and lot more. Enroll now with SMEClabs and give life to your creativity.


What will you learn?

At an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, you can:

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REVIT Architecture Online Training Syllabus:


Project Units,Levels & Walls

Modifying Tools

Doors, Windows,Floor,Column & Roofs

Components, Model in Place

Wall types,Stacked wall, Curtain walls

Wall Opening, Vertical opening

Stairs,Ramps & Railing

Massing, Creating Forms, Toposurface & Site Components

Materials, Lights, Camera & Rendering

Dimension, Area, Room & Room Separator

Section, Callout, Elevation,Drafting Views & Duplicate Views

Family Creation

Site Design, Walkthrough

Solar study, Sun path

Link Revit, Workshare, Import CAD & Decal

Detail Line, Color Fill Legends,Text, Model Text & Region

Schedule/Quantities & Material Takeoff

Sheets & Printing


Detailed Syllabus

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects

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