Electro engineer Marine Industrial training Level 1 to 3

In the Marine Industry, the importance of an Electrical Engineer is equivalent to that of a captain. Considering various aspects, the Marine Industry is completely dependent on a secure Electric System which is properly managed throughout the voyage. Not just onshore but also on the offshore the Electro Engineer’s presence is inevitable. The duties and skills are classified into 3 levels. It ranges from basic to advanced and to expert category. Starting from basic electrical designing, to wiring, estimation, costing, safety, testing, etc. are some of the topics covered. A complete Electro Engineer is value with huge respect and with SMEClabs you get to achieve it. Understand thoroughly the subject and be a master in execution.

Electro Engineer online training
Electro engineer Marine Industrial Online Training Syllabus:
  • Basics of electricity and symbols
  • Electrical machines and instruments
  • Distribution of electricity
  • High Tension and low tension electrical work
  • Marine electrical work
  •  estimate material amounts and costs prior to bidding the project for construction on the basis of electrical projects
    • Calculation of total load
    • Selection of electrical equipment
  • Teach to create and manage projects, create and edit various electrical drawings,develop reports with help of AutoCAD® Electrical
  • Megger
  • Multimeter
  • Tonge Tester
  • Earth Tester
  • Neon Tester
  • Loop Calibrator
  • Cable Laying and Gland Booting
  • Ferrule and Types of Leg Crimping
  • Bus Bar Arrangements
  • Relay Contactor and Switch Gear
  • Different types of Switches
  • Generator Synchronization, VFD and AMF
  • Earthing
  • Load Testing
  • Power Management and monitoring

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